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02-09-2015:- The historical General Strike has grand success – NUBSNLW (FNTO) CHQ conveys revolutionary greetings to all the participants.

01-09-2015:- NUBSNLW (FNTO) also participating in one day General Strike on 2nd September-2015. All are requested to make it Grand Success.

01-09-2015:-Corporate Office letter on requirement on NOC from TF cell BSNLCO before procurement of SIMs from open Market Click here to view

31-08-2015:-Corporate Office letter on minimum Government - Maximum Governance - Simplification of Government procedure for abolition of affidavits and promotion of self-certification. Click here to view Click here to view

31-08-2015:-Corporate Office letter on review and monitoring of implementation of reservation policy for Scheduled Castes in BSNL. Click here to view

29-08-2015:- Governing body of SEWA BSNL Union headed by Com. P.N. Perumal as President and Com. N.D. Ram as General Secretary has been recognized by BSNL CO. NUBSNLW (FNTO) CHQ congratulates the Comrades of SEWA BSNL Union Click here to view

29-08-2015:-NUBSNLW (FNTO)wishing you all and your family a happy RAKSHA BANDHAN-GS NUBSNLW (FNTO)

28-08-2015:- FNTO CHQ wishing you all and your family a happy & prosperous onam - GS NUBSNLW (FNTO)

27-08-2015:-Corporate Office appeal to NUBSNLW (FNTO) for withdraw Notice for one day strike on 2nd September, 2015 Click here to view

27-08-2015:-General Secretary proceeding on leave – Financial Secretary will look after the duties. Click here to view

27-08-2015:-Corporate Office letter on vacancy position in the grade of Junior Accounts Officer as on 01-07-2015. Click here to view

27-08-2015:-Corporate Office letter on presidential orders to Temporary Status Mazdoors upon their absorption in BSNL Click here to view

26-08-2015:- Dear Circle Secretaries our Union NUBSNLW (FNTO) also participating in One Day General Strike on 2nd September-2015 call given by all Central Trade Unions(Our union issued separate notice on 14-08-2015 see our website). Please success the Strike. K. Jayaprakash G.S.

25-08-2015:-Next Pay Revision in BSNL – CMD writes D.O. Letter to CGM to increase efficiency. Click here to view

22-08-2015:- Letter from Director (HR) BSNL New Delhi to (11) circles with regard to consolidation of SSAs into Business Areas. Click here to view

22-08-2015: -Elected Body of NUBSNLW (FNTO) Madhya Pradesh Circle:- The Circle Conference of NUBSNLW (FNTO) Madhya Pradesh Circle held at Bhopal on 11th August-2015 under the President ship of Shri Ambrose Khadiya the following members are elected unanimously in the presence of Shri Shaket Shukla All India Organising Secretary NUBSNLW (FNTO). President: - Ambrose Khadiya, SSS O/o GMTD Ratlam,Circle Secretary: -Shri S. A. Agha, Sr TOA O/o GMTD Bhopal, Financial Secretary: - Shri Pawan Jain, TM O/o GMTD Bhopal

20-08-2015:-Corporate Office letter on indication of Aadhaar Number in the Salary Package Software/Service Books/Pension Papers of Government Employees as per PMO direction. Click here to view

20-08-2015:-Corporate Office issues clarification on "Retention of BSNL Staff Quarter at Delhi on Transfer, Retirement/Death etc". Click here to view

19-08-2015:-Corporate Office letter on allocation of funds to BSNL Circle Sports & Cultural Boards for the year 2015-16. Click here to view

19-08-2015:-Corporate Office letter on extension of gratuity to casual labourers - details regarding engagement details of casual labourers. Click here to view

19-08-2015:-Corporate Office letter on mid-term review of availability of SIM cards in all telecom circles for remaining period of FY 2015-16. Click here to view

18-08-2015:- Clarification in respect of implementation of policy guidelines issued by BSNL Corporate Office in respect of PA/PS of BSNL field units. Click here to view

17-08-2015:- FLASH NEWS:-In one year 2 crores left BSNL. Click here to view

14-08-2015:-Issue of Presidential orders to TSMs, who were regularized in BSNL - Corporate Office issued orders for 36 left out cases of MP circle. Click here to view

14-08-2015:- NUBSNLW (FNTO) served notice for General Strike on 2nd September, 2015 to CMD BSNL on 14-08-2015. Click here to view

14-08-2015:- Change of Designations of Non-Executives cadres in BSNL. Click here to view

14-08-2015:- NUBSNLW (FNTO) wishing you all a Happy 69TH Independence Day 15 August-2015

14-08-2015:- The Unions & Associations of BSNL Organizations Meeting will be held at Nagpur on 25-08-2015. All General Secretaries of this Forum are requested to attend the Meeting to finalizing further programme.
           Convener- K. Jayaprakash

13-08-2015:- Corporate Office instructions on indication of Aadhar Number in the salary package software / service books / pension papers of government employees. Click here to view

13-08-2015:-Corporate Office letter on introduction of On-Net free Night Calling facility to post-paid CDMA Fixed / Limited customers. Click here to view

06-08-2015:-NUBSNLW (FNTO) Condoles the victims killed in the train accident. 29 people are killed and many are injured in two accidents that have taken place in Madhya Pradesh yesterday. The Kamayani Express and the Janata Express are involved in these accidents. NUBSNLW (FNTO) condoles the death of the passengers killed in the accident and also conveys heartfelt condolences to the families of the victims.

06-08-2015:-Ccorporate Office letter on extension of incoming facility on DNP landline numbers on PAN India basis to popularize recently introduced unlimited free night calling and bringing back DNP customers Click here to view

06-08-2015:- BSNL vide letter No.-500-57/2014-15/CA-I/BSNL/GPF/Vol VII/24, dt-05-08-2015 has issued orders for nomination of STS level officer in each circle to coordinate with the CCAs on GPF matters Click here to view

06-08-2015:- Govt’s nod for formation of separate BSNL’s Tower Company and to handover a person familiar with the development. Click here to view

04-08-2015:- Introduction of Promotional offer for Independence Day under prepaid mobile services. Click here to view

04-08-2015:-Message of Shri N.K. Mehta, Director (Enterprise), BSNL Click here to view

03-08-2015:- Letter from NUBSNLW (FNTO) CHQ to CMD, BSNL on Designation of Sr.TOAs Click here to view

29-07-2015- Agreement between Management & Recognized unions on designations of non executives: - The change of designation of BSNL cadres were discussed on various occasions and the Management has accepted the designation of Telecom Assistant for Regular Mazdoor, Telecom Technician for Telecom Mechanic & Junior Engineer for the TTAs (recommended by the fifth Central Pay commission). The representative unions were not interested for getting it released and wanted to declare at the time of next verification. However due to pressure of ORGANISATION OF BSNL UNIONS/ASSOCIATIONS, a FRONT of 13 applicant unions, formed on 29-06-2015 at Hyderabad. It is now released it. Gross insult to Sr.TOAs The BSNLEU and NFTE BSNL signed an agreement with the Management accepting a derogatory designation “Office Associate” as the designation of Sr. TOAs. Normally regular employees were never called “Associate”. Associates are temporary agents working on behalf of somebody. The Dictionary meaning of Associate is, person given certain limited rights in an association/ companion. It is an insult to the Sr. TOAs and FNTO Protest on this step motherly treatment. NUBSNLW (FNTO) ONCE AGAIN DEMANDS that designation of Sr. TOAs shall be Office Superintendent and Junior Office Superintendent. The NUBSLW (FNTO) has submitted its opinions on change of designations of non executives vide letter No NU/ CHQ /Designation / 2013 dated 07-06-2013 Click here to view

29-07-2015:- Agreement reached with Management on designations of non-executives black day for Sr.TOAs Click here to view

29-07-2015:- DO letter of Shri N.K. Gupta, Director (CFA) to CGMs on landline / broadband tariffs. Click here to view

29-07-2015:- Corporate Office letter suggesting methodology to popularize the Night Free Call and Roaming Free plans Click here to view

29-07-2015: Provision of write to the employees with Disabilities in writing including that of speed during examinations. Click here to view

29-07-2015: Corporate office instructions to all CGM’s for settlement of outdoor claims. Click here to view

29-07-2015 : Corporate office instructions to all CGM’s to update the staff information in ERP in respect of designation, residential address and category of employee (SC/ST/OBC/GE). Click here to view

28-07-2015:- Shri A. P. J. Abdul Kalam passed away – NUBSNLW (FNTO) pays its respectful homage. The sudden demise of Shri A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, the 11th President of India, has left the nation in a state of deep sorrow. The former President collapsed while addressing students in the IIM at Shillong, yesterday evening. He was rushed to the hospital, where he was declared as brought dead. The nation will ever remember Shri A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, not only as the President of India and as a scientist who strengthened the missile system of our defence forces, but as leader who inspired millions and millions of youngsters of this nation, to dream for the bright future of this great nation. We pay our respectful homage to this great scientist and humanitarian.

27-07-2015:-D.O. letter to all CGMs regarding free calling during night hours from 9.00 PM to 7.00 AM. Click here to view

27-07-2015:-Corporate Office letter regarding pay fixation of JAOs(Deptl)(40% quota) of 2010 Batch arising out of Non-Executives’ Wage revision orders dated 7.5.2010 and subsequent clarification dated 18.5.2011- Allowing option for revision of pay from the date of promotion to the grade of JAO Click here to view

24-07-2015:- Re-classification/Upgradation of Cities/Towns on the basis of census-2011 for the purpose of grant of House Rent Allowance (HRA) to Central Government employees. Click here to view

21-07-2015:- Corporate Office letter on safety measures to be taken to avoid fire. Click here to view

21-07-2015:- Message of Ms. Sujatha Ray, Director (HR), BSNL Click here to view

17-07-2015:-Warm greetings from NUBSNLW (FNTO) CHQ on the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr:- CHQ of NUBSNLW (FNTO) extends warm greetings to all on the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr, which falls on 18.07.2015. This day emphasises the need for charity and to empathise with the poor. Let us all cherish this ideal.

17-07-2015:- Corporate Office issues revised guideline for calculation of CGA posts Click here to view

16-07-2015:- On Tuesday 14-07-2015 Twenty-nine devotees, 23 of them woman, were crushed to death in a stampede on the first day of Godavari Maha Pushkaralu at Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh. We deeply mourn the death of these people and convey our heartfelt condolences to their families.

14-07-2015:- Home Ministry gives clearance to Huawei to setup manufacturing unit in Tamil Nadu. The Home Ministry has given clearance to the Chinese firm, Huawei, to setup a manufacturing unit at Tamil Nadu. It may be noted that the same Home Ministry, refused permission to BSNL in the year 2010 to procure mobile equipments from a Chinese manufacturer. At that time it was told by the Home Ministry that, BSNL should not procure equipment from a Chinese company, since it would be a threat to the security of the nation. [Source: Times of India]

14-07-2015:-Corporate Office letter on arrangements of ED (Finance), BSNL Click here to view

14-07-2015:-Corporate Office issues order on revised rate of IDA w.e.f. 01-07-2015. Click here to view

14-07-2015:- Corporate Office issued letter for one advance increment to TTAs appointed between 01-01-2007 and 07-05-2010. Click here to view

13-07-2015:- CHQ letter to GM (Finance) for payment of GPF (Advance) before Idu’l Fitr (Ramzan) Click here to view

13-07-2015:- Shri P. Andiappan GS FNTO BEA passed away on Sunday 12-07-2015 morning at Chennai, he was suffering with Kidney problems. NUBSNLW (FNTO) expressed the respectable homage to Shri P. Andiappan and conveyed deep condolence to his family members. Our Ex General Secretary Shri K. Vallinayagam, Shri S. Lingamurthy, DGS & C/S Chennai Telephones, and Shri D. Chandrasekaran, C/S Tamil Nadu Circle alongwith NUBSNLW (FNTO) members were attended the funeral on Sunday at Chennai

11-07-2015:- Corporate Office letter on postponement of examination for recruitment of Management Trainee from Internal/External Candidates in Telecom Operation and Telecom Finance streams in BSNL Click here to view

10-07-2015:- Corporate Office letter on Merger of QA Circle with Inspection Circle. Click here to view

09-07-2015:- Corporate Office letter on giving vide publicity to “Night Free Calling” and “Free PAN India roaming Schemes” of BSNL - Conducting Press Conference for this purpose Click here to view

09-07-2015:- Corporate Office letter on LICE for Promotion of PA to the grade of PS in BSNL Corporate Office Click here to view

09-07-2015:- Ms. S.T. Ray, presently working as Executive Director (Finance), appointed as Director (HR) BSNL for a period of five years. NUBSNLW (FNTO) congratulates her and wish her successful in new assignment. Click here to view

08-07-2015:- Govt. orders special audits of mobile networks to check call drops. Telecom Minister, Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad has ordered special audits of mobile networks to check call drops. The audit is to be carried out by the TERM Cell of the DoT. The Minister has said that the problem of call drops has attained critical proportions, and it is happening even after the govt. has provided sufficient spectrum to the telecom companies in the recent auctioning. The action taken by the Minister is viewed as stepping into the domain of the TRAI, since it is the TRAI which has been mandated with the task of auditing services. [Source: Times of India dated 08.07.2015]

07-07-2015:- Corporate Office letter to all CGMs on creative design for Hoardings, Leaflet and Brochure Folder Click here to view

07-07-2015:- Corporate office guide lines to all circles for prompt repair of MLNN modems and other MLNN equipments from M/s ITI. Click here to view

07-07-2015:- Corporate Office letter on vacancy position in the grade of Junior Accounts officer as on 01-07-2015. Click here to view

07-07-2015:- Holidays to be observed in BSNL Offices during the year 2016. Click here to view

06-07-2015:-Corporate Office letter on method of pay fixation in IDA pay scale in respect of absorbed officials of BSNL who were promoted after 01.10.2000 and opted IDA pay scales from the date of their promotion in respect of Group C & D employees (Non-Executives.) reg. Click here to view

06-07-2015:- DO letter from Director-CM to all CGMs regarding achievement of SIM sale in June-2015. Click here to view Click here to view

06-07-2015:- BSNL, MTNL Merger Decision in 4-5 Months' Click here to view

04-07-2015:- BSNL launches mobile wallet with cash withdrawal option. BSNL launched a pre-paid card linked mobile wallet service, which would allow its customers to transfer money, pay for services as well as withdraw cash of up to Rs 1 lakh. The wallet service, Speed Pay, allows a customer to load money even if he does not have a bank account. The money loaded in the mobile wallet can be transferred to a bank account and even withdrawn at bank branches or at BSNL outlets. "Loading money into wallet from a bank account is an option. BSNL customers, who don't have bank accounts, can also load money by visiting any BSNL retail outlet and ask the retailer to recharge their mobile wallet account and pay for various services," BSNL Chairman and Managing Director Anupam Shrivastava said. (Source: PTI dated 03.07.2015)

03-07-2015:-Corporate Office issues leaflets on features of free roaming Click here to view Click here to view

02-07-2015 Corporate Office instructions regarding timely settlement of pensionary benefits. Click here to view

01-07-2015:- BSNL's booking of new landline connections have increased by 35%. BSNL's booking of new landline connections have increased by 35%, after the introduction of the free call concession, between 9 pm and 7 am. This is disclosed to the media by Shri Anupam Srivastava, CMD BSNL. With 61% market share, BSNL is still the market leader in the landline segment. The CMD BSNL has stated that BSNL is in the process of investing Rs.2, 000 crores to modernise its telephone exchanges, with a view to provide modern services through landlines. With the introduction of night free calls and modernization of the landline service, BSNL is expecting to restore growth in its landline business.

01-07-2015:- Full Mobile Number Portability from 3rd July. Finally, the Full Mobile Number Portability, which is also called as National Mobile Number Portability is going to become operational from 3rd July, 2015. Shri Rakesh Garg, Secretary, DoT has announced this. National Mobile Number Portability allows a customer to retain his mobile number, even if he shifts from one state to another. The Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI ), a body of the private GSM operators, has also stated that they were ready to roll out National MNP from 3rd July, and that they had not applied for further extension of time.

30-06-2015: Regarding grant of Child Care Leave to women employees of BSNL – clarification reg. Click here to viewClick here to view

30-06-2015: Grant of age concession to the Persons with Disabilities suffering from (a) blindness or low vision, (b) hearing impairment and (c) locomotor disability or cerebral palsy for direct recruitment to civil posts/services under the Central Government. Click here to view

30-06-2015:- IDA increase 2.1% total IDA w.e.f.1st July-2015 is 102.6%

30-06-2015:- FORUM Meeting Click here to view Click here to view Photos

27-06-2015:- Revision of stipend to various cadres in BSNL & Payment of arrears thereof, following revision of IDA Pay Scales of BSNL employees w.e.f. 01-01-2007. Click here to view

27-06-2015:- Corporate office guidelines to employees to register their ID in ERP for getting pay slip on E-Mail from June, 2015. Click here to view

25-06-2015:- Corporate Office issued order on extension of Special concessions/ facilities to employees working in J&K. Click here to view

24-06-2015:- Letter from Corporate Office Click here to view

24-06-2015:- Letter from Corporate Office Click here to view

22-06-2015:- Consolidation of SSAs into Business Areas. Click here to view

20-06-2015- Dream of one Nation one Number come true. Now BSNL has clarified the points related to PAN India roaming free on pre/post paid mobiles. Click here to view

20-06-2015- Presentation given to Prime Minister by the Telecom Minister on the revival of BSNL. As reported by media, a presentation has been given to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on the the revival of BSNL. The presentation was given by the Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad on 15.06.2015. It is also reported that senior officers of the DoT and BSNL were present during the presentation. It is very important to note that this presentation has taken place in the backdrop of a strong jolt given by the BSNL employees, who went on a near total 2 day strike on 21st and 22nd April, 2015, demanding immediate steps by the government for the revival of BSNL.

15-06-2015 : FORUM Meeting on 29-06-2015 at Hyderabad (AP) Click here to view

12-06-2015 : D.O. Letter from CMD BSNL to All CGMs/Head of SSAs to popularize free night calling for BSNL landline customers and free All India Roaming for BSNL mobile customers to increase customer base of both services. Click here to view

10-06-2015 Appreciable Act: It is confirmed by Mr. Saravana Kumar, Private Secretary to Minister that Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad, MOC has approved the File on 78.2% IDA for pension revision. Now, the file will go for the approval of the Cabinet. We hope the issue will reach a final settlement quickly.

08-06-2015 Corporate Office letter on availability of various stores and materials. The adequate supply for various stores and materials, for the improvement of services is being continuously taken up by BSNLEU, Staff Side of the National Council and the Forum. This issue was once again discussed very seriously by the Staff Side, in the 32nd meeting of the National Council, held on 14.05.2015. Consequent upon this, the Management has come out with a detailed status report, with regards to the supply / procurement of various items of stores and materials. Click here to view

08-06-2015 BSNL to offer free Wi fi service at Taj Mahal, from 16th June. BSNL will be offering free Wi fi service to the lakhs of tourists who are visiting Taj Mahal, the epitome of love, from 16th June, 2015. However, the availability of this free Wi fi service will be limited to 30 minutes only. Usage of Wi fi service beyond 30 minutes will invite a cost of Rs.30 per hour. Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad, Minister for Communications, will inaugurate the service on 16th June. Bangalore based Quad Gen is providing the necessary wireless support to BSNL, for providing this service.

08-06-2015 BSNL buys bandwidth from Bangladeshi Company, to strengthen its internet services in the North East. BSNL has signed agreement with the Bangladesh Submarine Cable Company Ltd. (BSCCL)to buy bandwidth, for strengthening its internet services in the North East. The BSCCL has agreed to sell its unused bandwidth to BSNL at $1.2 million a year. According to this agreement, BSNL will get 10 gigabits per second and the bandwidth export will start in September this year. The agreement to this effect was signed by Shri Anupam Srivastava, CMD BSNL and Shri Monwar Hossain, CMD BSCCL yesterday the 07-06-2015.

06-06-2015:- 78.2% IDA Merger issue : Media reports: "Answering a question in Lok Sabha, the Honorable Minister for Communications said that the matter of extension of 78.2% IDA for pension revision is UNDER CONSIDERATION." (AIBSNLPWA)

05-06-2015- Final decision on Net neutrality will be taken by the Cabinet - says Minister. Telecom Minister, shri Ravi Shankar Prasad has stated that the report submitted by the six members DoT Committee has been received by him and that the same would be uploaded on the website of the Department within a few days. He stated that, a copy of the report has also been sent to the TRAI. After receipt of the report of the TRAI, the Cabinet will take a final decision on Net neutrality, said the Minister. [Source- ET dated 4th June,2015]

05-06-2015- DO Letter from CMD to all CGMs on Free All India Roaming to all BSNL Mobile customers from 15th June 2015. Click here to view

05-06-2015- Indian government to set up National Cyber Coordination Centre. The Indian government has decided to set up a National Cyber Coordination Centre, at an outlay of Rs.770 crore, shri Ravi Shankar Prasad, Telecom Minister has announced. He also stated that, the government has decided to set up a Botnet Cleaning and Malware Analysis Centre, at an expenditure of Rs.90.5 crore. [Source- ET Telecom. com dated 3rd June, 2015]

05-06-2015- Telecom operators may face disincentives for call drops. Telecom operators may face disincentives for call drops, said Telecom Minister, Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad. The Minister stated that, this is being explored in the backdrop of frequent call drops being faced by the consumers. Telecom Secretary, Rakesh Garg stated that the Member (Technology) has been asked to work on the matter, and that it would be referred to the TRAI, if needed. In any case the disincentive would be finalised within six months, said the Telecom Secretary. [Source- ET Telecom. com dated 2nd June,2015]

03-06-2015- Director (CFA) DO letter to all the CGM,s to effectively utilise the 9 pm to 7 am free call concession, for increasing landline connections. Click here to view

03-06-2015- Government approves proposal for Reclassification/Upgrading of certain Cities /Towns on the basis of Census-2011 Click here to view

03-06-2015-BSNLs revenue went up by 2.1% in 2014-15, says the Telecom Minister. Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad, Minister for Communications and IT has stated that the BSNL is on the recovery path. The Minister said that BSNLs revenue went up by 2.1% in 2014-15. He further stated that under the phase 7 expansion, 15,000 new base tower stations were commissioned in one year, which have reduced call - drops and have eased the congestion.

03-06-2015- Merger of BSNL & MTNL put on the back burner? Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad, Minister for Communications and IT avoided giving a direct answer, when asked by reporters about the merger of BSNL & MTNL. When reporters asked about the merger of the two companies, all that the Minister said was, " Let them go in the revival path. We will see." The reply of the minister certainly indicates that the government is not in a hurry with the merger of BSNL and MTNL. Obviously, this is the impact created by the recent 2 day strike of the entire BSNL employees. "No to the merger of BSNL & MTNL" was an important demand of the strike.

03-06-2015- BSNL to offer free incoming calls on roaming, from 15th June. Telecom Minister, shri Ravi Shankar Prasad, has announced that BSNL will offer free incoming calls on roaming, from 15th June,2015 BSNL is having a mobile subscriber base of 7.72 crore at the end of March 2015. Shri Anupam Srivasta, CMD BSNL, said that, the free incoming on roaming may result in a slight fall in the revenue. However, this fall in revenue can well be offset, since the free incoming offer will bring in new customers to BSNL, said the CMD.

01-06-2015:- FNTO News June-2015 Click here to view

27-05-2015: Declaration of the National Convention of workers conducted by the Central Trade Unions at New Delhi on 26.05.2015. Click here to view

25-05-2015: Corporate Office letter on opening of Monsoon Control Room. Click here to view

22-05-2015: Corporate Office letter on instructions for provision of liability on account of payment of EPF to casual labourers for the period between 01.10.2000 to 10.01.2011. Click here to view

22-05-2015: DOPT clarification with regard to voluntary retirement in respect of Disabled Government Servants. Click here to view

22-05-2015: Corporate Office letter on Inordinate delays in settlement of medical bills of hospitals. Click here to view

20-05-2015: Clarification issued to A.P. Telecom Circle with regard to educational qualifications for TTA (LICE) under 50 % quota for the RY-2014. Click here to view

20.05.2015 : CMD BSNL will hold the additional charge of Director (Finance) for a period of three months beyond 01.03.2015. Click here to view

20-05-2015: DOPT clarification regarding the eligibly of government employees in respect of Home Town LTC Click here to view

19-05-2015: Corporate office letter on Payment of EPF to casual laboures in BSNL for the period between 01-10-2000 to 10-01-2011. Click here to view

19-05-2015: Corporate Office calls for report on the functioning of Works Committees. Click here to view

19-05-2015: Corporate Office letter on strict implementation of the Transfer Policy. Click here to view

16-05-2015: BSNL’s press release on carrying over unused 3G data to next recharge. Click here to view

16-05-2015: India’s telephone users are 100 crore now. The number of telephone customers has reached the magic figure of 100 crores in the end of April 2015. As per the report of the TRAI, India’s telephone customer’s number was 996.49 million in the month of March 2015. The average monthly growth of telephone customers is .93%. As such, the number has reached 1 billion (100 crores) by the end of April 2015. In this, BSNL’s customers were 77.02 million by the end of March 2015. MTNL’s was 3.51 million customers of other operators are as follows: Airtel - 226.01 million Vodafone - 183.80 million Idea - 157.80 million Reliance - 109.47 million Aircel - 81.39 million Tata Teleservices - 66.31 million

16-05-2015: Supreme Court dismisses the petitions of private operators for extension of license period. The Supreme Court of India dismissed a bench of petitions yesterday, filed by the private telecom operators, including Airtel, Vodafone and Reliance. These companies have prayed for the extension of the period of their licenses. The Supreme Court has observed that there was no merit in the petitions.

15-05-2015: GS Shri K. Jayaprakash along with Shri Mohinder Singh C/S NTR Delhi Circle met with Shri Shameem Akhtar, Sr. GM (SR) and discussed about staff matters.

15-05-2015:- Letter to GM (Rectt) O/o CMD, BSNL New Delhi in connection with Recruitment of Management Trainee (Telecom Operation/Telecom Finance) Click here to view

13-05-2015: Decisions of the meeting of the JAC, held yesterday the 12.05.2015 Our General Secretary Shri K. Jayaprakash and Shri Mohinder Singh C/S NTR New Delhi were participated in the meeting. Click here to view

11-05-2015: Quality of services of BSNL comes under severe criticism in Parliament. BSNLs quality of service came under severe criticism in the Parliament on Tuesday last. While criticising the quality of service of BSNL, shri Sanjay Dotre, a member of the BJP, wondered whether some of the BSNL employees are working for the private telecom companies, since they are not interested in improving their own services, and thereby helping the private companies to expand their networks. The MP drew applause from the opposition bench. Telecom Minister, Ravi Shankar Prasad intervened and defended BSNL by saying that BSNL is suffering from the days of the UPA government.

11-05-2015: CAG points out loss of Rs.31,000 crore loss due to non-imposition of fines and undue gains to private operators. The Comptroller and Auditor General of India has pointed out a loss of Rs.31,000 crore to the exchequer, due to non-imposition of fines and undue gains to private telecom companies. The CAG has pointed out that Bharati Airtel made an undue gain of Rs.499 crore, due to the hasty decision of the DoT to merge Chennai telecom circle with Tamil Nadu in 2005. Further, Reliance Jio was benefitted to the tune of Rs.3367.29, since the DoT allowed it to provide voice service under the new licensing regime. The CAG has also pulled up the DoTs vigilance arm for failing to impose a penalty of Rs.4,300 crores on telecom companies for violation of mobile tower radiation rules. The CAG has also stated that Reliance Communications and Tata Tele services were benefitted to the tune of Rs.822.06 crores, after the DoT granted telecom licenses for dual technology in October 2007. It is also accused by the CAG that the decision of the DoT to allow intra - circle roaming, which involves sharing of spectrum by telecom operators, also caused huge financial loss. [source: Indian Express date 09-05-2015]

11-05-2015: Corporate Office letter on Operation Samundra (BSNL) Manthan. Click here to view

11-05-2015: CMD, BSNL writes to all CGMs to provide uninterrupted telecom services during Monsoon season. Click here to view

08-05-2015 : LICE for TTA under 50% quota for recruitment year 2014 to be held on 07-06-2015 – Clarification of representation regarding Click here to view

07-05-2015: Corporate Office approves one more center to hold TTA exam in AP circle. Click here to view

06.05.2015: The status report submitted to the RLC, by the BSNL Management, in response to the detailed note submitted to the RLC, by the Convener of the JAC. Click here to view

06.05.2015: RLC directs BSNL Management to explore the possibility of settling the stagnation issue. Click here to view

06-05-2015: Conducting Circle High Power Committee (CHPC) meeting for consideration of Compassionate ground appointment (CGA) cases as per changed procedure. Click here to view

05-05-2015: Today General Secretary attended a meeting at Museerabad, Hyderabad in the memory of 9th Anniversary of Com. K. Sambaiah Ex Circle Secretary of A. P. Circle. Com. Ch. Venkateswarlu Circle Secretary of A. P. Circle, B. Narsingrao , M. Krisnamurthy, R. K. Prasad, M. Mohan Das were addressed the gathering. K. Jayaprakash, G.S.

02-05-2015: DOT Secretary Meeting with Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations on 21st and 22nd April-2015 Strike issues Click here to view

01.05.2015: Today a meeting with Secretary DOT held with FORUM OF BSNL UNIONS AND ASSOSIATIONS at Sanchr Bhavan new Delhi at 5-00 pm Sri C.Singh chaimen and GS NFTEBSNL & SRI .V.A.N NAMBUDRI Convenior from our union side our General Secretary SRI.K.JAYAPRAKASH and sri T.K.ROY VICE .President were attended along with all other union leaders Secretary DOT possitively responded on all items and assured to financial assistence to BSNL .He also responded possitively to settele other issues -- Jayaprakash GS NUBSNLW(FNTO) .


01.05.2015 BSNL announces reduction in Roaming Tariffs by 75%. Click here to view

30.04.2015: Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations meeting with DOT Secretary on 01-05-2015 at 1700 hrs in Sanchar Bhawan, Committee Room on two days strike demands. Click here to view

On 28th April-2015 S/Shri T. K. Roy, Vice President, B. C. Pathak, Financial Secretary along with A. K. Maity, D/S (Civil), and S. Das, D/S (Elect) West Bengal Circle and M. R. Vashisht, Patron attended the meeting with Pr. GM (Civil) Corporate Office New Delhi where Pay anomaly due to wrong interpretation of NEPP to merged cadres of Civil Wing is settled, other staff matters related with Civil wing discussed. On 29th April-2015 S/Shri T. K. Roy, Vice President, M. R. Vashisht, Patron, Mohinder Singh, C/S New Delhi along with A. K. Maity, D/S (Civil), and S. Das, D/S (Elect) West Bengal Circle attended the meeting with Pr. GM (Elect) and Director (HR) Corporate Office New Delhi where Restructuring of Civil and Electrical Maintenance Staff issues were discussed and assured to release Such Long Pending issues expeditiously.

29-04-2015:Celebrate May Day with enthusiasm.NUBSNLW (FNTO) wishes May Day Greetings to all workers. K. Jayaprakash G.S. Click here to view

29-04-2015: General Secretary attending May Day celebrations at Chennai by hosting FNTO Flag.

29-04-2015: General Secretary attending District Working Committee of Ongole SSA of A. P. Circle and retirement function of Shri Vijay Kumar, D/S Ongole on 30th April-2015.

28.04.2015: DO letter of CMD BSNL to all CGMs on introducing free calls between 9 p.m. to7 a.m. Click here to view

27-04-2015: Admissibility of Transport Allowance to ITS Officers deployed in BSNL Click here to view

27-04-2015: Updation of BSNL employees details viz, Designation, Category, Office/Residential Addresses in ERP Click here to view

24-04-2015: Forum writes to the Hon’ble Minister of Communications, seeking meeting to discuss the issues related to the revival of BSNL Click here to view

24-04-2015:Corporate Office letter on furnishing of information regarding retired employees for review of without voucher facility to them. Click here to view

24-04-2015: Meeting with the Secretary, DOT fixed at 05.00 PM on 1st May, 2015. Click here to view

23-04-2015: Corporate Office letter regarding wide publicity of unlimited free calling during night hours from BSNL Landline phones and acquiring new Landline customers. Click here to view

23-04-2015: Corporate Office letter on looking after arrangement for the post of Restg./WS&I, BSNL CO, New Delhi. Click here to view

23-04-2015: MEETINGS WITH ADMINISTRATION. Shri Thomas John K, President and Shri Mohinder Singh, Circle Secretary, Delhi FNTO, met Executive Director (Fin), GM Establishment, and Sr. G.M (SR) and discussed following issues 1. 78.2 % DA fixation case of retired employees. ED finance informed that cabinet note is under preparation at DOT Finance. 2. Regularization of TTA’s officiating as JTOs. Case will be expedited very soon. 3. Designation case of Sr. TOAs, TMs and TTAs. The designation of TM and TTAs are almost finalized. Case of Sr. TOA suitable designation will be finalized soon.

23-04-2015 Meeting between Secretary, DoT and Forum, on the issues connected with the 2 day strike, is rescheduled to be held at 1700 hrs on 27.04.2015. Click here to view

22-04-2015:BSNL Unions & Associations Forum Press release Click here to view

22-04-2015:-Corporate Office letter on works undertaken/carried out by BSNL on behalf of DoT. Click here to view

22-04-2015:-Circle heads are empowered to waive the outdoor ceiling in deserving cases of notified chronic diseases Click here to view

22-04-2015:-Corporate Office letter on indication of Aadhaar number in the Salary Package software and pension papers of retiring govt. employees. Click here to view

22-04-2015:- Dear Comrade Shri Shankar Prasad Datta MP from Tripura raised the BSNL Strike and issues in the Parliament. Forum thanks him. K.Jayaprakash G.S.

22-04-2015:- Dear Comrades, Hearty congratulations for the excellent strike. The workers are enthused and inspired Revolutionary Greetings for your great role in making the strike a historic one. Today also continuing the strike. Secretary DOT invited for talks on 25-04-2015. K.Jayaprakash G.S.

21-04-2015. The “SAVE BSNL” Strike:- Received positive response from BSNL workers throughout country. Congratulations to all soldiers on war for their Company. Keep up the spirit. The Secretary DOT invited the Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations for discussion on 25-04-2015 on Strike demands.

20-4-2015 Two Days Strike:- Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations met today 20-04-2015 and decided to continue the proposed strike on 21st & 22nd April-2015. All are requested to make the strike Success. K.Jayaprakash G.S.

18.04.2015 Forum of BSNL Unions & Associations meeting with CMD BSNL held on 17-04-2015 and with no outcome: A meeting took place yesterday the 17-04-2015, between the Forum and the CMD BSNL. There is no outcome on any issue. The CMD BSNL requested the leaders to defer the strike, so that a meeting can be held with the Secretary, DoT. The Secretary, DoT has gone on a foreign tour and will be returning only on the evening of 20th April. The CMD BSNL could not give any assurance that the meeting with the Secretary, DoT, would take place immediately. But, he told that the meeting could take place in 15 days to one month. The Forum replied that the decision would be conveyed after discussion. The Forum meeting will take place on 20th April.

18.04.2015 Forum of BSNL Unions & Associations meeting with CMD BSNL held on 17-04-2015 and with no outcome: A meeting took place yesterday the 17-04-2015, between the Forum and the CMD BSNL. There is no outcome on any issue. The CMD BSNL requested the leaders to defer the strike, so that a meeting can be held with the Secretary, DoT. The Secretary, DoT has gone on a foreign tour and will be returning only on the evening of 20th April. The CMD BSNL could not give any assurance that the meeting with the Secretary, DoT, would take place immediately. But, he told that the meeting could take place in 15 days to one month. The Forum replied that the decision would be conveyed after discussion. The Forum meeting will take place on 20th April.

16-04-2015 : DO Letter from CMD BSNL to all CGM’s regarding “Importance of customer care” Click here to view

16-04-2015 : Message from CMD for growth of Data revenues in BSNL. Click here to view

15-4-2015 Subho Nababarsha 1422 r janai priti o subhechcha: N. C. SAHA C/S NUBSNLW(FNTO) West Bengal Telecom Circle

15-04-2015 Tour programme of Thomas John K President. Shri Thomas John K President FNTO addressed the FNTO district conference of Bulsar on 14/4/15. Shri Aslam Khan, TM, Mr Sivapujan Ram SS , Mr N J Tandel TTA were elected as President, Dist. Secretary, and Treasurer respectively. Shri Thomas John will address FNTO meetings at Surat / Baroda/Ahmedabad on 15/16/17- 4-2015. ON 18-4-15 the CWC of Gujarat will meet at Ahmedabad. He will be available at Delhi from 20th to 24th April 2015.

15-04-2015Corporate Office letter on Unlimited free calls on Landline & Mobile (BSNL) on any network within India between 9.00 PM to 7.00 AM. Click here to view

15-04-2015Corporate Office issues order on revised rate of IDA w.e.f 01.04.2015. Click here to viewClick here to view

13-04-2015: Off late it is came to know that conciliation meeting of Chief Labour Commissioner New Delhi with Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations held on 09-04-2015 discussions were took place first on regularization of contract labourers instead of strike demands. K.Jayaprakash G.S.

13-04-2015 : Corporate Office letter on Settlement of provisional Pension/Gratuity cases Click here to view

13-04-2015 : Corporate Office letter on Timely settlement of pensionary benefits. Click here to view

11-04-2015 Organise two day strike on 21 - 22 April, 2015 - Forum Circular. Click here to view

11-04-2015Joint circular of the Central Trade Unions. Click here to view

10-04-2015Central Trade Unions to hold a National Convention of Workers at New Delhi on 26th May-2015. A meeting of the Central Trade Unions was held in the INTUC office at New Delhi, yesterday the 09.04.2015. The meeting took place to mainly to decide about the struggle against the anti-worker policies of the Narendra Modi government. In this meeting it is decided to hold a National Convention of Workers at New Delhi on 26th May, 2015. The date and nature of the struggle will be announced in this convention.

10-04-2015 Ms. Madhu Arora, has taken over as the new GM (Estt.), Corporate Office. Ms. Madhu Arora, has taken over as the new GM (Estt.) in the Corporate Office. Ms. Madhu Arora is an experienced officer. NUBSNLW (FNTO) heartily welcomes her. Shri R.K. Goyal, who had been the GM (Estt.) hitherto, is posted as the GM, Sonipat. NUBSNLW (FNTO) heartily thanks Shri R.K. Goyal for all the helps and cooperation that he has extended to the needy employees. NUBSNLW (FNTO) wishes both the officers all success in their new assignments.

9-4-2015: Photos of Circle Conference of Bihar Circle held at Patna on 8th & 9th April-2015. Click here to view

9-4-2015: Photos of Circle Conference of Bihar Circle held at Patna on 8th & 9th April-2015. Click here to view

8-4-2015 On 8th evening open session held CGM Bihar, PGM & GM (HR) and GS NFTEBSNL Shri C.Singh. Our GS Shri K. Jayaprakash, Shri M.R.Vashisht and Shri B.C.Pathak and also other union Circle Secretaries are addressed the meeting, more than 1000 members attended the conference. K.Jayaprakash, GS Click here to view

07.04.2015 Declaration of Holiday on 14th April, 2015 - Birthday of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar - Corrigendum. Click here to view

07-04-2015-Forum Meeting Click here to view

04.04.2015 Corporate Office letter on engagement details of casual labourers. Click here to view

31-03-2015 Corporate Office letter on maintenance of Lady Officers/Officials Pool for allotment of BSNL Staff Quarters. Click here to view

31-03-2015 : IDA increase 0.2% total IDA 100.5%

30-03-2015: Corporate office issued guide lines to all circles for operation Samundra (BSNL) Manthan Click here to view

27-03-2015 : FNTO CHQ WISHES A HAPPY ‘RAM NAVAMI’ Click here to view

27-03-2015 : Corporate Office letter on updation of ERP system of BSNL employees Click here to view

27-03-2015 Corporate Office letter on revision of pension/ family of pre-2007 retirees BSNL IDA pensioners /family pensioners, who retired prior to 01.01.2007 and post 2007 BSNL IDA pensioners / family pensioners, who retired between 01.01.2007 and 09.06.2013. Click here to view

26-03-2015-Declaration of Holiday on 14th April 2015 -Birthday of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Click here to view



19-03-2015 Payment of Medical Allowance without voucher to the retired employees Corporate Office called for the information Click here to view

19-03-2015: All SSA Heads should meet the Hon’ble MPs in their respective constituencies. D.O. No.8/Cord./2015, Dated:-18-03-2015 from BSNL HQR. Click here to view

18-03-2015: Notice for Meeting of Forum of BSNL Non-Executive Unions on 06-04-2015 Click here to view

18-03-2015: Congratulations to Shri Alok Nandi for selecting as Municipal Councilor Candidates for Ward No 73 from Congress Party. NUBSNLW (FNTO) CHQ New Delhi Thanks to the Congress Party President Smt. Sonia Gandhi & Shri Rahul Gandhi Congress Vice President and PCC West Bengal President for selecting our Deputy General Secretary Shri Alok Nandi as Municipal Councilor Candidate for Ward No 73 Kolkata Municipal Corporation. K. Jayaprakash GS

17-03-2015: Corporate Office letter on immunity from transfer to Non-Executive employees in BSNL Click here to view

17-03-2015 Latest Broadband market shares by various service providers. Airtel - 21.48% BSNL - 20.18% Vodafone – 18.91% Idea – 14.94% Reliance - 7.9% Others - 16.59% (TRAI report)

16-03-2015-Forum of BSNL Non Executive Unions Convener Shri K. Jayaprakash GS NUBSNLW (FNTO) Chairman Shri S. P. Sharma GS BSNL WRU, Shri Zile Singh GS BSNL Staff Union, Shri Revathi Prasad AGS BSNL ATM, Shri Ram Kishan GS BTUBSNL were met CMD BSNL Shri Anupam Srivastva submitted a Memorandum on pending issues pertaining to BSNL liability and Staff matters and also discussed on some issues i.e. Payment of Bonus, Removal of Stagnation in the scale of RM and Group D etc, change of Designation and Stop harassment on non recognized union members by way of issuing irregular transfers by the local Administration. CMD responded positively K.Jayaprakash, Convener Click here to view

14-03-2015-Constitution for Negotiating Councils. Management has prepared a draft constitution. Click here to view

14-03-2015: NO PLAN TO SHUT DOWN MTNL SAYS Honble Minister Sri RAVI SHANKER PRASAD Click here to view

12-03-2015 The Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations served the two days Strike Notice to CMD BSNL. All the General Secretaries of Unions and Associations Signed the Strike Notice. Our General Secretary K. Jayaprakash signed the Strike Notice as per the decision taken in Central Working Committee held at Bangalore on 15th & 16th September-2014 THE TWO DAY STRIKE WILL TAKE PLACE ON 21 AND 22 APRIL 2015. Click here to view

11-03-2015: The IV th circle conference of Assam circle held at Debrugarh on 8th &9th march 2015 under the president ship of sri Kamaleswar Deka General Secretary Sri K.Jayaprakash attended as chief guest discussed on all organisational matters on 9th a open session held in the open session General secretary K.Jayaprakash and General Manager Debrugarh sri Gupta also addressed the gathering .

the follwing office bearers are elected unanimously       Click here to see list of office bearers

Reception committee under the leader ship of sri Alhaz.Atiqur Rahman debrugarah were made very good arrangements chq thanks to the Reception committee     Click here to view photos

05-03-2015: It has been decided to celebrate international Women's Day week commencing from 8th March 2015. View Details

05-03-2015:NUBSNLW(FNTO) wishes you all a very happy and colorful Holi.

03-03-2015 Corporate Office letter to all CGM’s on timely settlement of pensionary benefits. Click here to view

02.03.2015 Smt. Sujatha Ray, is selected for the post of Director (HR), BSNL. Smt. Sujatha Ray, who is presently the Executive Director (Finance) of BSNL, is selected by the Public Enterprises Selection Board (PESB) for the post of Director (HR) of BSNL. Thus, the Director (HR) post which is lying vacant for nearly 3 years is going to be filled up soon. This is one of the important demands of the Forum also. Smt. Yojna Das is already selected by the PESB for the post of Director (Finance). So, soon BSNL will be having two women Board of Directors, out of 5 Directors. NUBSNLW (FNTO) heartily congratulates Smt. Sujatha Ray.

27-02-2015 Today News Forum of BSNL Unions & Associations Meeting held today at 11.00 under the Chairman ship of Com. C. Singh GS NFTE BSNL, Convener Shri V.A.N. Namboodiri, our General Secretary Shri K. Jayaprakash, and Shri Mohinder Singh, CS NTR Circle were attended the meeting. The Forum is thanked to all BSNL Workers for participating in Parliament March on 25-02-2015. The Forum is unanimously decided to conduct the two days strike on 21st & 22nd April-2015 all over India on same demands. Strike Notice will be issued on 12-03-2015.

26.02.2015 The Parliament March of Forum of BSNL Unions & Associations held on 25-02-2015. It was addressed by com. Tapan Sen, MP, com. Brajesh Upadhyay, GS, BMS, com. Amarjit Kaur, Secretary, AITUC, com. Shiv Gopal Mishra, Gs, AIRF, shri Dharam Veer Gandhi, MP (AAP) Convener Shri V.A.N. Namboodiri, President Shri C. Singh, General Secretary Shri K. Jayaprakash NUBSNLW (FNTO) Shri Sebastin GS SNEA, Shri Prahlad Rai, GS AIBSNLEA, Shri R. C. Pande GS BTEU, Shri N.D.Ram, GS SEWA, Shri Suresh Kumar, GS BSNLMS, Shri Hari Singh, Dy.GS BTU BSNL and many of Central Trade Unions Leaders were addressed the gathering. View Photos       Click here to view

25.02.2015 Corporate Office letter on Compassionate Ground Appointment - Change of procedure. Click here to view

25.02.2015 Corporate Office letter on scruitinization of CGA applications to be put up before circle HPC - Complete in all respect. Click here to view

[24.02.2015] March to Parliament . The March to Parliament, called on by the Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations, is taking place tomorrow the 25-02-2015. The Forum meeting that took place yesterday in which our General Secretary Shri K.Jayaprakash, NTR Delhi Cicle Secretary Shri Mohinder Singh were participated finalized the details of the Parliament March. Accordingly, the March will start from BSNL Corporate Office in Janpath sharply at 11:00 AM. So, all comrades are requested to reach the Corporate Office atleast by 10:30 AM. The March will reach the Parliament street police station, where a meeting will be held. Dr.Sanjeeva Reddy (INTUC), com.Tapan Sen (CITU), com. Gurudas Dasgupta (AITUC) and Brajesh Upadhyay (BMS) and all the General Secretaries of the Unions and Associations of BSNL will address the gathering. All District Secretaries are requested to bring the banners and flags for the rally without fail. All the Circle Secretaries are requested to ensure that the comrades shall remain in the meeting, till it is over. Further, all the Circle and District Secretaries are requested to ensure utmost discipline at the time of the March to the Parliament, which is very very important. The Next Meeting of the Forum will be held at 11.00 AM on 27-2-2015

23-02-2015: Parliament March: - All NUBSNLW (FNTO) participants should assemble at Eastern Court premises at 09.30 hours. March will start at 10.00 hours.

20-02-2015 :The small SSAs in Chhattisgarh, MP, UP(E) and UP(W) have been consolidated into business areas. The concerned circle Secretaries are requested to convey the effects to CHQ urgently for appropriate action in light of BSNL HQR letter No.-4-2/2014-Restg(Vol-III), dt-19-02-2015. Click here to view

20-02-2015 :Department of Personnel & Training Establishment Division guidelines for submission of declaration of assets and liabilities by the public servants for each year. F. No.-11013/3/2014-Estt. (A), Dated:-17-02-2015. Click here to view

20.02.2015: BSNL signed MOU with Bank of India for extending various Loan Schemes to BSNL Employees View Letter Copy of Agreement

19.02.2015 Prevention of sexual harassment of women employees at work places implementation of the judgment of Hon’ble Supreme Court of India Click here to view

18.02.2015 Corporate Office clarification on ERP implementation. Letter No.-ERP/HCM/Clarifications/1, Dated:-18-02-2015. Click here to view

18-2-15 NUBSNLW (FNTO) is also participating proposed Parliament Rally on 25-2-15 at Delhi BY forum OF BSNL UNIONS - Jayaprakash GS

18-02-2015: Ministry of Finance, Department of Expenditure guide lines in respect of TA to attendant accompanying disable persons on tours/training etc. Letter No.-19030/3/2013-E. IV, Dated:-17-02-2015. Click here to view

18.02.2015 Corporate Office letter on solutions given to the problems which have arisen due to the implementation of ERP. Click here to view

17-02-2015: BSNL Vide letter No.-2-01/2013-PHA, dt-13-02-2015 has taken up with the MTNL for 30% discount in the Telephone bills of BSNL staff residing in MTNL areas effective from 15th April, 2015. Past cases will be separately taken up. Click here to view

17-02-2015: Holding of Limited Departmental Competitive Examination (LDCE) for promotion to the cadre of TTA for the Recruitment Year 2014. Click here to view

16-02-2015: Forum of BSNL unions/Associations – Parliament March & Indefinite Strike – Poster. Click here to view

14-02-2015 :The legendary leader of the Central Govt. Employees, Com. S.K. Vyas Ji passed away at about 20.25 hrs on 13th February, 2015 at Jaipur hospital. It is a great loss to Trade union movement of Central Govt. Employees. Our heart felt condolences to the bereaved family.

14-02-2015 :Appointment of ‘Junior Accounts Officer on probation’ under 40% quota/10% quota consequent on completion of 4 weeks of Phase-1 induction training. Letter No.-4-4/2014-SEA, Dated:-12-02-2015. Click here to view

14-02-2015: GS attended the CWC of Tamilnadu circle at selam on 14th feb clarified the doubts and advised the cwc to participate in chq directive jac/Forum agitational programme sri D. Chendrashekar c/s and Dist INTUC president and GS were also addressed in the meeting more than 100 members attended - Jayaprakash GS

12-02-2015 :Guidelines for consolidation of bank accounts on migration to ERP in the circle. Letter No.-1-4/BFCI/BA/Project A/c Opening/2011-12, Dated:-11-02-2015. Click here to view

12-02-2015 :Recommendations of Management Committee of BSNL Board on Deloittee consultant’s recommendations on revival and HR plan of BSNL. BSNL Letter No.-CP&M/1-256/BRPSE/Revival Plan/2012-13/Vol-II, dt-10-02-2015. All the CHQ office bearers, circle Secretaries and others are requested to send their views on the report by 16th February positively. Click here to view

12-02-2015: General Secretary attending Tamil Nadu circle working meeting at SALEM on 14th & 15th Feb 15

11-02-2015 The Hon’ble Supreme Court has held that the granting of grace marks is against rule as there is no such provision. The BSNL has been directed not to violate the rules. Click here to view

11-02-2015: BSNL and SBI has signed a MOU on 06-02-2015 for extending various loans to the employees and circulated vide letter No.-1-9/BBF/STAFF LOAN/2014-15,Dated:-10-02-2015 Click here to view

[11.02.2015]Meeting of the CMD with Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations on 09.02.2015 Click here to view

09.02.2015 Corporate Office letter on revision of stipend to various cadres in BSNL on revision of IDA Pay Scales of BSNL employees w.e.f. 01.01.2007. Click here to view

10-02-2015: Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations will meet tomorrow at 15 hrs at T-15 A.G.Road New delhi to discuss the further programme.

10-02-2015: Yesterday, a meeting was held with CMD with forum of BSNL unions and associations at corporate office on the agenda submitted by forum.

Our General Secretary K. Jayaprakash is also attended the meeting and discussed all the agenda points with CMD, new CMD Shri Anupam Srivastava has responded on all the items positively. Detail report will follow - K. Jayaprakash General Secretary.

09-02-2015: Our President Com Shri Thomas John K. mother passed away yesterday night (8-2-2015). NUBSNLW (FNTO) conveys it's heartfelt condolences to Shri Thomas John K. and his family.

07-02-2015: Today GS attended the CWC meeting of kolkata Telephones circle sri Aloknandi CS conducted CWC more than 200 members attended the CWC and discussed many staff issues.

06-02-2015: New CMD BSNL D O Letter to Recognized Unions/Associations Click here to view

06-02-2015: Letter to CMD on D O letter to Recognized Unions/Associations Click here to view

06-02-2015: Corporate Office letter on grant of cash Award to Sportspersons for Excellence in International Tournament/meets for year 2014. Click here to view

06-02-2015: Corporate Office letter on grant of cash award to Sportsperson in national tournament for calendar year 2014. Click here to view

06-02-2015: Corporate Office letter on Sanchar Krida Award for outstanding Sportsperson in BSNL for the calendar year 2014. Click here to view

06-02-2015: Corporate Office letter to all CGMs on sanction of Temporary Advance. Click here to view


05-02-2015: Newly updated Website is started from today 05-02-2015 onwards

Today News
1. General Secretary K. Jayaprakash along with Shri Mohinder Singh C/S NTR New Delhi met with Sr GM(SR) Corporate Office and discussed the staff matters.

2. General Secretary will attend the Circle Working Committee Meeting of Kolkata Telecom Circle Meeting at Kolkata on 07-02-2015.

3. Forum of BSNL Unions & Associations will be held at T-15

4. Forum of BSNL Unions & Associations with CMD will be held on 09-02-2015 at Corporate Office.

05.02.2015: Additional inputs for finalizing new PLI formula. Click here to view

05-02-2015: Revised Fair Usage policy on office service BB Connections. Letter No. 13-2/PDP-CFA/Gen/2013-14. Dated 27-01-2015. Click here to view

05.02.2015: MoU signed with Canara Bank for extending various loan schemes to BSNL employees. View Letter   Copy of Agreement

05-02-2015: Superannuation benefits to D/R staff:- The proposal for retirement benefits to BSNL recruited employees have been sent to Board for consideration.

04-02-2015: Corporate Office has issued letter for holding LICE for TTA under 50% quota, for the Recruitment Year 2014. Click here to view

04.02.2015: Corporate Office letter on method of pay fixation in IDA pay scale in respect of absorbed officials of BSNL who were promoted after 01.10.2000 and opted IDA pay scales from the date of their promotion. Click here to view

29.01.2015: Corporate Office letter on JAO (DR) Exam to be held on 22-02-2015. Click here to view

20.12.2014: Forum Circular on ‘SAVE BSNL” Organising Dharna in First Week of January 2015 Click

20.12.2014: Decisions of Forum Meeting held on 19.12.2014, attended by Shri K. Jayhaprakash GS FNTO.Click

20.12.2014: OBITUARY : We are shocked to hear shocking news of sudden demise of Br. Chhidu Singh, a dedicated worker and Deputy General Secretary of AIBSNPWA.He left for heavenly abode today morning due to a massive heart attack at New Delhi leaving all of us in ocean of sorrow. He was very active and never left behind to discharge his duties towards BSNL Pensioners. We convey our Heart Felt Condolences to his family. BSNL Pensioners fraternity will always remember as one of the Pioneer of the Pensioners Welfare Movement.

05.12.2014: BSNL Corporate Office vide No 6-1 /2007-Rcstg VoI-III Dated 04.12.2014 Circulates Employees Transfer Policy updated up to 24.11,.2014.Click for Order

02.12.2014: BSNL CO release 50% Welfare for Circle for the year 2014-15.Click for Order

02.012.2014: FNTO joins INTUC Programme for 5th December. 2014. Click for Page 1

Click for Page 2

26.11.2014: BSNL HQ Vide Order No 6-1l2007-Restg Vol-III Dated 24.11.2014 issues amendment in BSNL Transfer Policy.Click for Order

25.11.2014: Talks with Management held today with JAC on strike demands were failed Management did not agreed any demand JAC decided to continue the strike all are requested to sucsess the strike on 27th nov - jayaprakash Gs

22.11.2014: The management invited the two recognized unions for discussions on proposed one day strike on 27th call given by JAC.

JAC met today at 1330 hrs, our union NUBSNLW(FNTO) strongly opposed the decision of Management and suggested to JAC not to attend the recognized unions and submit a protest letter saying that if all the JAC leaders called for discussions in writing then all the JAC leaders will discuss with management otherwise we will continue the one day strike programme on 27th, if at all Recognized unions only go for discussions with Management our union NUBSNLW(FNTO) will withdraw the support to agitational programme on 27th.

The JAC unanimously decided to send a strong protest letter to management saying that if all the JAC leaders called for discussions in writing then thevJAC will attend the meeting otherwise Recognized unions will not attend the negotiations meeting and strike will continue.
As of now the proposed one day strike on 27/11/14 is intact. ALL ARE REQUESTED TO PARTICIPATE IN STRIKE AND MAKE IT GRAND SUCSESS.

20.11.2014 : FNTO joins JAC's programme.

19.11.2014: You can contact GS FNTO New Delhi on 011-23358891.

17.11.2014: Shri K. Jayaprakash GS has joined FNTO HQ.

24.10.2014: The C.H.Q. convey Happy Deepawali and Prosperous New Year to all viewers, members and well wishers.

09.10.2014:  The C.H.Q. Convey hearty thanks to one and all who contributed for successful conducting ‘DHARNA PROGRAMME’  to-day throughout the India.

08.10.2014:  FNTO is to hold Dharna on 09.10.2014 through out country. The Notice already issued. All are requested to participate actively as decided in FNTO CWC held at Bangalore. The BSNL ATM has also extended its support.Click for Letter.

The BSNL Corporate Office writes to all CGMs that FNTO should be heard and no injustice should be done to their members.Click for Letter.

The Programme of Dharna to be continued. GS FNTO.

02/10/2014: HAPPY DUSSERA.

30.09.2014 INCREASE IN IDA W.E.F. 1.10.2014: Based upon AICPI (253), IDA increase w.e.f. 01.10.2014 will be 6.9% (rounding off to next higher point) or it will be 6.8% if rounding off not considered. This will make total IDA 98.2% or 98.1%. In past the DPE had not considered rounding off to next digit.

29.09.2014: To-day, FNTO staged Lunch Hour Demonstrations successfully all over India, Circle and SSA H.Qs as per its Notice on pending demands: K. Jayaprakash, GS FNTO.

20.09.2014: FNTO C.W.C. was held at Bangalore on 15.09.2014 & 16.09.2014. Shri Thomas John K, All India President presided over the meeting and conducted fruitful deliberations for two days.Click for snaps

20.09.2014: FNTO C.W.C. was held at Bangalore on 15.09.2014 & 16.09.2014 and . decided programme of action. Accordingly the GS NUBSNLW (FNTO) issues Notice to the CMD BSNL New Delhi. All concerned are requested to make programme grand success.Click

20.09.2014: The CWC also decided to participate in JAC agitationall programmes. i.e.on 23rd September "Dharna" and two hours walkout o 30th September, 2014 for settlement of pending problems of non-executives. CHQ requests all to make the call success. The other details of programme follows.


BSNL CO Letter to CGM on Union Subscription. Click

12.09.2014: The Central Working Committee Meeting of NUBSNLW (FNTO), will be held at Bangalore at notified dates and place. All requested to attend the same in time. They should intimate their Arrival Details to GS FNTO or Reception for making their accommodation. All the Circle Secretaries should bring the members of their Circle and CHQ Quota Remittance details by the Districts. GS FNTO will be available in Bangalore on 14.09.2014.

Cauvery Hall, 3rd floor ,
No:7, "KODAVA SAMAJA",1st Main Road,
adjacent to N R Hegde office,
near Cantonment Railway Station,
 Vasanthnagar Bangalore-560052

Bro.N.R. Hegde CP
M Mahlingaiah CS,
TM Pattaiah AGS FNTO.






DETAILS for Bank Transfer & Mandatae Form - Letter Click

M/s Deloittee Consultants - Letter Click

M/s Deloittee Consultants - ANNEXURE1 Click

M/s Deloittee Consultants - ANNEXURE2 Click

M/s Deloittee Consultants - ANNEXURE3 Click

M/s Deloittee Consultants -ANNEXURE4 r Click


Shri Thomas Jolhn K, All India Presidednt will be at FNTO office, Delhi from 15th Aug 2014 to 26th Aug. He will also attend INTUC working committee at Simla on 20th and 21st.

The Central Working Committee Meeting of FNTO will be held on 15th & 16th Sept 2014 at Bangalore.
Cauvery Hall, 3rd floor ,
No:7, "KODAVA SAMAJA",1st Main Road,
adjacent to N R Hegde office,
near Cantonment Railway Station,
 Vasanthnagar Bangalore-560052

Open session @ 2-00pm on 16th at Hotel "PARAG"(CAPITOL)
Rajbhavan Road ,near GPO/CTO Bangalore.1.

Bro.N.R. Hegde CP
M Mahlingaiah CS,
TM Pattaiah AGS FNTO.


12.08.2014: United Forum of BSNL Uniolns and Assolciation decided to hold demolnstration on 12th August at SSAs and Circle Head Quarters against the Deloittee Consultancy Recommendation on HR issues. All are requested to make it success. Jayprakash GS FNTO.  

05.08.2014: JAC met on 17th July, 2014 decided to conduct a Demands Day on 7th August, 2014 by wearing JAC Badges and lunch hour demonstration. The demands submitted to CMD on 9th April, 2014. All are requested to participate and make it grand success. K. Jayaprakash GS.


21.07.2014: GS FNTO Vide letter dated 18.07.2014 addressed to the CMD BSNL ND requesting him for early payment of July 2014 salary and GPF Advance payment in view of Idul Fitur (Ramzan).

20.07.2014: J.A.C. Meeting on 18.07.2014. Click

16.07.2014: web is restored at 11.15 hours to-day. We regret inconvenience caused to our valued visitors.

16.07.2014: National Heart Institute, New Delhi empaneled. Click

15.07.2014: After thirteen months DoT ultimately submits expert's reply creating number of confusion in the minds of DPE, asking approval for 78.2% IDA Merger Click


Government to invest Rs 39,458 crore in BSNL, MTNL in next five years.:

State-run carriers Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) and Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd (MTNL) will get a massive fresh investment of Rs 39,458 crore over the next five years, as the government plans to bring the loss making units back on their feet. "The financially-stressed public sector telecom companies that together have a debt of Rs 21,208 crore as of June end, face declining revenue due to loss of market share, increasing expenditure and inability to invest in network expansion, telecom minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said in the Rajya Sabha, the upper house of Parliament.”

[Source: The Economic Times, dated 12.07.2014]

13.07.2014: Income Tax Structure 2014-15 - announced in Budget 2014

Finance Minister presented Budget 2014 today. As far as Income Tax Structure 2014 -15 is concerned, it was announced in the Budget Speech there is no change in the income tax rate for the year 2014-15 (Assessment Year 2015-16)
(i) The rates of income-tax in the case of every individual (other than those mentioned in (ii) and (iii) below)

Upto Rs. 2, 50,000


Rs. 2,50,001 to Rs. 5,00,000

10 per cent.

Rs. 5,00,001 to Rs. 10,00,000

20 per cent.

Above Rs. 10,00,000

30 per cent.

(ii) In the case of every individual, being a resident in India, who is of the age of sixty years or more but less than eighty years at any time during the previous year,-

Upto Rs. 3,00,000


Rs.3,00,001 to Rs. 5,00,000

10 per cent.

Rs. 5,00,001 to Rs.10,00,000

20 per cent.

Above Rs. 10,00,000

30 per cent.

(iii) in the case of every individual, being a resident in India, who is of the age of eighty years or more at anytime during the previous year,-

Upto Rs. 5,00,000


Rs. 5,00,001 to Rs. 10,00,000

20 per cent.

Above Rs. 10,00,000

30 per cent.

Other Budget 2014 highlights relating to Income tax 2014-15

    • Personal tax exemption limit raised to Rs 2.5 lakh from current Rs 2 lakh for taxpayers below 60 years
    • Senior citizens’ tax exemption limit hiked from Rs 2.5 lakh to Rs 3 lakh
    • No change in surcharge for corporates, individuals
    • Education Cess to stay at current 3%
    • Investment limit under Section 80C hiked to Rs 1.5 lakh from current Rs 1 lakh
    • Exemption on housing loans interest on self-occupied property increased from Rs 1.5 lakh to 2 lakh


    13.07.2014: D.P.E. issues I.D.A. orders w.e.f. 01.07.2014s..Click

    13.07.2014: BSNL CO endorses DPE Order on IDA..Click

    13.07.2014: BSNL CO writes for Anomaly Information to all CGMs..Click

    13.07.2014: GS Writes to BSNL CO on Gujarat Transfer issue and in turn BSNL CO writes to CGM Gujarat.Click

    13.07.2014: GS Writes to BSNL CO on Orissa Transfer issue and in turn BSNL CO writes to CGM OrissaClick

    13.07.2014: GS Writes to BSNL CO on MP Transfer issue and in turn BSNL CO writes to CGM MP.Click

    13.07.2014: GS Writes to BSNL CO on UPEAST Gujarat Transfer issue and in turn BSNL CO writes to CGM UPEAST..Click

    30.06.2014: Shri Avadhesh Kumar Mishra, Ex-Publication Secretary, FNTO NEWS and Sr.TOA Gr-IV, born on 30.06.1954, retires to-day afternoon on Superannuation. FNTO wishes him happy, wealthy and prosperous retired life and appreciates services rendered by him for contributing Hindi translation in our magazine.  He had joined service on 07.10.1977 and rendered total 36 years, 8 months and 18 days satisfactory service.

    24.06.2014: Funds for GPF payments : ED (Finance) Mrs. Sujata Ray says that the funds were allotted to Circles on uniform basis. Efforts are on to allot more funds to circles.

    24-06-2014 : JAO R/R:- BSNL management has approved 5 years service condition for JAO Deptl Candidates. The matter has been sent to Board for approval.

    24-06-2014 : Approval of JTO and TTA R/Rs and E1 scale for non-executives could not materialize due to absence of Govt nominees in Board meeting of BSNL.

    24-06-2014 : Pension revision of Pre/post 2007 retirees due to 78.2% IDA fixation benefit:- DOT has still not replied to the points of DOE of Ministry of Finance.

    24.06.2014: BSNLEU not to participate in the talks to be held on 27.06.2014, on the 30 point charter of demands. The Joint Action Committee of the Unions and Associations of the Non-Executives submitted a 30 point charter of demands on 09.04.2014. Most of the demands contained in the charter, are burning and long pending demands of the Non-Executives. Surprisingly, the Management has taken the decision not to hold any talks with the JAC. Instead, it has called only BSNLEU and NFTE for the talks to be held on 27.06.2014. The All India Centre of BSNLEU met on 20.06.2014 and discussed the issue. It is decided in the meeting that BSNLEU should not participate in the talks, if the JAC is not invited. BSNLEU has given a letter to this effect to the Management. It is understood that NFTE has also taken a similar decision

    24-06-2014 : DPE issued clarifications to CPSEs for finalizing the pension and post superannuation medical benefit scheme w.e.f. 01-01-2007. F. No.-W-02/0017/2014-DPE-(WC)-GL-XI/14. Dated:-21-06-2014

    20.06.2014: Shri S.N. Sharma, Circle Secretary, FNTO, M.P. Circle, passed away to-day morning. FNTO CHQ Conveys its heartfelt condolances to bereaved family. May his soul rest in eterneal peace in heavenly abode. G.S. FNTO.

    13.06.2014: Obituary : Smt Rashida Begum, Wife of Br. Islam Ahmed, President NFTE, expired on 12. 06.2014. Her burial took place at 5PM, June 12th at Nazarganj near Allahabad. FNTO conveys its heartfelt condolences.

    13.06.2014: FNTO HQ Phone No. 23723202 is restored from 12.06.2014.

    06.06.2014: UNI Delegation comprising Br.  Zakari Koudougou, Regional Secretary, UNI South Africa,  Br.  Bones Zingisile Skulu, General Secretary UNI South Africa and Br. Rajendra Aharya UNI Director, Kathmandu, Nepal visited FNTO Office, New Delhi on 05.06.2014. They discussed organizational activities with Shri K. Jayaprakash GS FNTO and assured support to FNTO for its growth. Shri Tyagarajan, SG PO was also present. GS extended thanks to all for their visit.

    02.06.2014: Former Organizing Secretary of FNTO, Shri P.D. Thomas passed away at Trichur. His body will be taken for funeral at 3.30 PM from his residence at Trichur. FNTO convey heartfelt condolences

    31.05.2014: Photographs of Kerala Circle held on 23.5.2014 & 24.05.2014 by Circle Secretary, Kerala.Click

    28.06.2014: Hon. Chief Minister of Kerala Shri  Oommen  Chandy inaugurated the conference. Shri  K. Babu Hon Minister for Excise & Ports Kerala, Shri P A Madhavan MLA, Shri Therambil Ramakrishnan MLA,Shri T.V.Chandramohan, President .Guruvayoor Devaswom Board, Hon Mayor of Trichur,Shri Thomas John ,All India President, Shri Jayaprakash, General Secretary, K.K.Gopkumar (former AGS) , Shri Jayakumar,District Secretary ,Shri etc delivered felicitations. Shri M.G.Mohanan Nair,State president presided, Shri K.V.Jose State secretary welcomed the gathering.Click
                    Hon Chief Minister said the Country achieved 50 years progress during Late Rajeevji’s 5 year rule as PM. The revolution in Telecom during that period is unforgettable. He assured the conference continued support from the party and Government in future activities.
                    The Hon Minister K Babu said that Shri Kapil Sibal "s decisions in the past was not helping the Union. He said any body having the basic knowledge of Arithmetic will round off 6.89% votes received by the Union as 7 enabling the union to get one seat in negotiating council. This attitude of the Union Ministers paved the way for the failure of the Party in the Country.
                    Shri M.G.Mohanan Nair,TM,Kottayam was elected as President. Shri K.V.Jose, Sr TOA(P), Ernakulam elected as Circle Secretary and Shri Abdul Raghman, TM, Cochin elected as Treasurer. 678 delegates elected from various branches of Kerala state participated.

    Gopkumar – Former AGS. 28.05.2014 (email).


    24.05.2014:  S/Shri Thomas John K, President & K. Jayaprakash GS FNTO attended 4th Circle Conference of Kerala Circle on 23.05.2014. Hon’ble Shri Balakrishnan, Minister State inaugurated the conference and Shri Omanchandi, CM Kerala will attend the conference on 24.05.2014.

    23.05.2014: Thanks:

    I personally thank all those friends and colleagues who conveyed their condolences on the demise of my mother, in Person, over Phone and SMS.

    EX.G.S. FNTO.

    20.05.2014: OBITUARY: Shri K. Vallinayagam, ex-GS FNTO's mother passed away to-day morning. We convey our heartfelt condolances to him and his family.

    08.05.2014: Shri K. Jayaprakash GS & Shri Mahendersing CS NTR, met the GM(SR) and discussed regarding  Transfer cases and harassment caused to workers on issuance mass transfers orders in Gujarat by SSA Heads and not granting interviews to our leaders. He also submitted a letter to Director (HR).Click here.

    01.05.2014 .


                           Formation of a BSNL subsidiary company for tower management.

    BSNL management has  called a awareness session on the  formation of a subsidiary tower company and a presentation was made by the Management, to the unions on 20/04/2014  on basis of the report of the Consultant Company, KPMG,  engaged by BSNL for this purpose.  FNTO was represented by S/Shri Thomas John K President and Mahinder Singh, C/S NTR Delhi. 

    The BSNL could lease out   less than 700 towers only though it has more 60000 odd towers.  This low tenancy can overcome by efficient operations.  Improved performance of the tower business could add to BSNL finances significantly.

           In view of the above, the BSNL Management has decided to form a subsidiary tower company and BSNL board’s resolution has been sent to the Group of Ministers for approval. It is also recommended for formation of a joint venture subsidiary company with strategic partner having technical expertise and investing capacity.

            FNTO expressed deep disappointment on this unilateral decision and specifically lodged our objection in forming a subsidiary company with strategic partner. While we whole heartily support all other efforts of the management to build-up the tower business through a STRATEGIC BUSINESS UNIT (SBU) within BSNL.


    10.04.2014.All the Non-Executive General Secretaries met Shri R.K. Upadhyaya, CMD and submitted Joint Memorandum on pending issues. Click here for Memorandum.

    06.04.2014: There is reduction in I.D.A. rates w.e.f. 01.04.2014 by 2.1% making total 88.4% . The DPE issued the orders. Endorsement from BSNL awaited.

    31.03.2014: : View brief Report of 4th A.I.C. Click here for view.

    27.03.2014: The 4th A.I.C. of NUBSNLW FNTO was held at Chennai on 21st & 22nd March, 2014. The CWC was held on 20.03.2014. The Open Session was held on 21st March, 2014. The details follows. Click here for list of elected office bearers.

    27.03.2014 : View of 4th A.I.C. Open Session.Click here for view.

    27.03.2014: Obituary: We are deeply grieved to know that the daughter of Bro. Shri Islam Ahmed, President, NFTE BSNL, passed away at Allahabad on 24.03.2014. She has been ailing and was under treatment for the past several months. FNTO conveys heartfelt condolences to Shri Islam and members of his family.

    18.03.2014: Copy of English Brochure issued by the A.I.C.  Reception Committee, is placed here for information of all concerned.Click.

    18.03.2014: Copy of Posters issued by the A.I.C.  Reception Committee.Click.

    18.03.2014: Joint Action Committee (JAC) of the Unions and Associations of the Non-Executives of BSNL formed.

    With a view to conduct sustained struggles for the settlement of the important and burning problems of the Non-Executives, it was decided to form a platform of the Unions and Associations of the Non-Executives of BSNL. Accordingly the Joint Action Committee of the Unions and Associations of the Non-Executives of BSNL was formed in yesterday's meeting. The following comrades are unanimously elected as the office bearers of the JAC.

    President: Com.Chandeswar Singh, GS, NFTE BSNL

    Convener: Com.P.Abhimanyu, GS, BSNLEU

    Joint Convener: Com.Jayaprakash, GS, FNTO

    Joint Convener: Com.Pawan Meena, GS, SNATTA

    Treasurer: Com.R.C.Pandey, GS, BTEU BSNL

    All the General Secretaries of the affiliated Unions and Associations will be the members of the JAC.

    14.03.2014: Meeting of all Unions and Associations of the Non-Executives of BSNL, held at New Delhi.

    A meeting of all the unions and associations of the Non-Executives of BSNL was held at New Delhi, yesterday the 11-03-2014. The meeting was held in the office of BSNL MS and was attended by the general secretaries of BSNLEU, NFTE BSNL, FNTO, BTEU BSNL, SNATTA, NFTBE and BTU BSNL. It was also attended by com.V.A.N.Namboodiri, President, BSNLEU and representatives of BSNL MS, TEPU, BSNL ATM and ITEF. Com. Chandeswar Singh, GS, NFTE BSNL presided over the meeting. Com.P.Abhimanyu, GS, BSNLEU, welcomed every one and explained about the purpose of the meeting. Thereafter, a detailed discussion took place on the pending burning issues of the Non-Executives as well about the indifferent and insensitive attitude of the BSNL Management, towards the settlement of them. The issues that are to be taken up with the Management were identified. It was decided to immediately submit a memorandum on the pending issues to the Management and also to go on struggle, demanding settlement. It was decided that the struggle will take place after the forthcoming elections to the parliament. However, in view of the urgency of the issues, it was decided to conduct a dharna by the General Secretaries in the Corporate Office, in this month

    13.03.2014: Shri K. Jayaprakash, GS FNTO and Shri Mahendra Prasad,     CS NTR, met Shri S.C. Misra, Member services, DoT. It was informed that the file on 78.2% IDA Merger issue for Pensioners is pending for clarification on pension contribution sought for by the Department of Expenditure. He also extended invitation for 4th AIC at Chennai on 21.03.2014. The GS also met the CMD BSNL and extended invitation for 4th AIC at Chennai on 21.03.2014.

    09.03.2014: A.I.C. English Poster.  Click.

    09.03.2014: A.I.C. Hindi Poster.  Click.

    09.03.2014:FNTO NEWS FEBRUARY 2014.  Click PAGE 1.

    09.03.2014:FNTO NEWS FEBRUARY 2014.  Click PAGE 2.

    09.03.2014:FNTO NEWS FEBRUARY 2014.  Click PAGE 3.

    09.03.2014:FNTO NEWS FEBRUARY 2014.  Click PAGE 4.

    09.03.2014:FNTO NEWS FEBRUARY 2014.  Click PAGE 5.

    09.03.2014:FNTO NEWS FEBRUARY 2014.  Click PAGE 6.

    09.03.2014:FNTO NEWS FEBRUARY 2014.  Click PAGE 7.

    09.03.2014:FNTO NEWS FEBRUARY 2014.  Click PAGE 8.

    08.03.2014: FNTO NEWS FEBRUARY 2014 posted to all Branch/District/Circle Secretaries & C.W.C.Members. Please ensure your copies.  

    04.03.2014: NUBSNLW (FNTO) Chattishgarh Telecom Circle held its 4th Circle Conference on 25.02.2014 at CCA Office Conference Hall, Raipur under the Presidentship of Shri Abdul Aziz Khan. S/Shri A. P. Mishra, Aziz Khan, G. S. Sharma,  Ratan Podar,  U. K. Chouhan have been unanimously elected as Circle President, Working President, Circle Secretary,  Treasurer &Circle Organizing Secretary respectively.

    27.02.2014: Organise Lunch Hour Protest Demonstration on 28 February 2014 against proposal of Merger of BSNL & DOT and Formation of Companies bifurcating BSNL. Click Letter to PM

    Click Forum Circular.

    14.02.2014: GS FNTO issues Notice for 4th A.I.C.Click.

    14.02.2014: GS FNTO issues Notice for CWC at Chennai.Click.

    14.02.2014: GS FNTO writes to the Director (HR), BSNL CO for special C/L.Click.

    14.02.2014: GS FNTO writes to the GM (SR), BSNL CO for special C/L.Click.

    14.02.2014: GS FNTO writes to the CMD BSNL submitting suggestions for BSNL MTNL Merger issue.Click.

    02.02.2014: GS was in Chennai on 29th January, 2014 and hosted FNTO Flag at Chennai Beach CTO Office and addressed a meeting. Shri Lingamurthy, CS also spoke. He met Chairman Reception Committee SRI. G.KAMARAJU and reviewed AIC arrangements.

    31.01.2014: GS attended Retirement Party of Shri M.MURTHUJA ALI, Circle Vice President AP, Amarachintha Dist Mahabubnager and addressed a grand gathering on 31.01.2014. 

    28.01.2014: BSNL HQ signed MOU with Canara Bank for extending various Loan Schemes to BSNL Employees - C.O. has issued order dated 07.01.2014.

    26.01.2014: Wish you all HAPPY REPUBLIC DAY

    23.01.2014; Shri K. Jayaprakash, GS FNTO attended and addressed Kolkata Telephone Circle Conference on 22nd & 23rd, January, 2014 where more than 500 delegates were present, unanimously electing Shri ALOK NANDI, as Circle Secretary.

    17.01.2014: All India Conference of NUBSNLW (FNTO) will be held on 21st & 22nd March, 2014 & C.W.C. Meeting on 20.03.2014 at Chennai. All the participants are requested to book their tickets timely.

    16.01.2014: Jamnagar Circle Conference Photographs.Click.


    EPFO approves raising Provident Fund interest rate to 8.75 per cent:

    New Delhi: Retirement fund body EPFO on Monday decided to increase the rate of interest on Provident Fund deposits to 8.75 per cent for 2013-14, a move that will benefit about 5 crore subscribers.

    "We have decided to recommend to the government 8.75 per cent rate of interest for 2013-14 to its subscribers," Labour Minister Oscar Fernandes said after a meeting of the EPFO trustees in New Delhi.

    The Central Board of Trustees, which is the apex decision-making body of the Employees' Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO), met on Monday and approved the interest rate.

    The Central Board of Trustees, the apex decision-making body of the EPFO, met on Monday and approved the interest rate.

    According to sources, the body had surplus funds, which enabled the interest rate to be increased from 8.5 per cent in the previous financial year (2012-13).

    The EPFO's recommendation will be vetted by the Finance Ministry. Once the ministry approves the decision, the interest would be credited to the accounts of subscribers.

    According to sources, the decision to enhance the rate was taken in view of the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections.
    The EPFO is estimated to have an income of Rs 20,796.96 crore in the current financial year.

    Payment of interest at the rate of 8.5 per cent to subscribers would have required Rs 20,740 crore and left a surplus of Rs 56.96 crore, according to earlier projections.(IBN)

    13.01.2014: Happy Makarsankranti, Happy Pongal & Vaishaki to our valued viewers and members.

    12.01.2014:4th Circle Conference of FNTO Gujarat Circle was held at Jamnagar on 11th & 12th January, 2014. Open Session was held on 12.01.2014. It was addressed by Shri Prakash Goplani, GM, Thomas John K All India President, K. Jayaprakash, GS FNTO & Shri D.D. Mistry. In the meeting more than 300 members were present. S/Shri D.D. Mistry, A.V. Flia & .V.N. Rathod were elected as Patron, Circle President & Circle Secretary.

    10.01.2014: 5th District Conference of FNTO Ahmedabad District ws held on 10.01.2014 where more than 150 members were present. S/Shri Bal Raj Singh, PGM ATD,  Thomas John K, All India President, D.D. Mistry GS BDPA & V.N. Rathod VP FNTO addressed the session. Shri R.G. Singh was elected as District Secretary & K.T. Makwana as District President.

    01.01.2014: I.D.A. w.e.f. 01.01.2014 works out to be 5%, making total 90.5%.

    01.01.2014: A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014 TO YOU ALL.

    27.12.2013: Pension of MTNL staff cleared.Click.

    25.12.2013: Wish you all Marry Christmas & Happy New Year.

    25.12.2013: The GS BDPA (INDIA) undergone left-eye cataract operation on 20.12.2013 and hence could no up-date web during this period. He conveys his personal thanks to one and all who paid personal visit, conveyed their good wishes through phone, mail and messages. He will resume daily routine by next week.

    25.12.2013: 78.2% IDA Merger Issue – It is learnt that DOP&PW approved DoT’s proposal for extending 78.2% to pensioners and now it may go for Dept.of Expdr.

    17.12.2013: Forum of BSNL Non-Executive Unions.. Click.

    15.12.2013:Sub:-Revision of flat rates of licence fee for departmental Qtrs w.e.f. 01.07.2013-Reg. BSNL HQ No. l6-1/SR/2013 dated 11.12.2013.Click.

    15.12.2013:Revised flat rates of licence fee applicable for residential accommodation in BSNL w.e.f. 01.07.2013.Click.

    15.12.2013:Updation of leave accounts in service books – regarding. BSNL HQ No: 15-1/2013-14/IA-BSNL/Vol.II/ Dated: 10.12.2013.Click.

    15.12.2013:Problems connected with the implementation of NEPP – Corporate Office has called for live cases – All the Circle/District Secretaries are requested to act immediately.Click.

    11.12.2013: To-day, S/Shri K. Jayaprakash GS and M.R.Vashist Patron addressed District Conference at Muzaffarpur (Bihar). Shri R.P. Sinha CS also spoke. Shri N.K. Thakur a A.I.President arranged District Conference. Bihar INTUC President Shri Chandra Prakash also spoke.


    10.12.2013 : Meeting with Hon’ble Minister of State in PM (O) Shri V.Narayanasamy on 10-12-2013:

                Shri K.Jayaprakash, General Secretary and Shri D.Chandrasekaran, AGS met Shri V.Narayanasamy, Hon’ble Minister of State in PM (O) and the Minister –in-charge of Dept of Pension and Pensioner Welfare at New Delhi today at 9.30 hrs and submitted a memorandum seeking merger of 78.2% IDA for Pensioners also with the benefit of arrears of Pension from 1-1-2007 for pre-2007 pensioners and arrears of Pension, Gratuity, Commutation etc for post 2007 retirees as well. The Hon’ble Minister assured to look into the matter sympathetically and favourably.

                N.B. The Pension file was sent back by the DOT to the Dept of Pension & PW last week duly replying the queries raised by the Dept of P & PW.

    10.12.2013: Meeting with Shri S.C. Misra, Member Services DoT: S/Shri K. Jayaprakash GS FNTO, M.R. Vashist, All India President BDPA (I),  and  D. Chandrashekaran AGS; on 09.12.2013 met Shri S.C. Misra, Member Services DoT on the issue of merger of 78.2% IDA for BSNL Retirees w.e.f. 01.01.2007. It was revealed that file is sent back on 06.12.2013 to DOP & PW by answering the queries raised by them.

    05.12.2013: On 12th Dec 13  as for the Central Trade unions programme. Tthere is a Massive Parliament March on 12th Dec 13 in which the INTUC, BMS, AITUC, HMS, CITU, AIUTUC, TUCC, SEWA, AICCTU, UTUC, LPF and Independent Workers/ Employees Federations For the settlement of following Demands in this connection the FNTO CHQ is requesting all to participate and success the Parliament March on 12th Dec. 13-

    • Minimum Wage not less than of Rs 10,000-00 per month.
    • Assured Pension for the entire working population.
    • Same wage and benefits for contract workers as regular workers for same and similar work.
    • Strict implementation of Labour Laws.
    • Universal Social Security Cover for all workers.
    • Concrete measures to contain price rise.
    • Concrete measures for employment generation.
    • Stoppage of disinvestment in Central and State PSUs/Undertakings.
    • Remove all ceilings on payment and eligibility of Bonus, Provident Fund, Increase the quantum of gratuity and Compulsory registration of trade unions within a period of 45 days and immediate ratification of the ILO Convention Nos. 87 and 98.

    Jayaprakash GS FNTO

    03.12.2013: Information on BSNL financial position and its future plan and discussion with Unions/Association. Information on BSNL financial position and its future plan and discussion with Unions/Association.Click. All the Circle Secretaries are requested to send their views/suggestion within one week so as incorporate the same in our suggestions to BSNL Management.

    02.12.2013: Shri K.C.G.K. Pillai, Director Finance – Retirement Eve Message. Click.

    02.12.2013: BSNL HQ releases Welfare Grant for all CGMs for 2013-14 for Rs.492.50 lakh. Click.

    02.12.201: All Unions/Association Meeting with BSNL HQ:BSNL’s awareness session with unions and associations - An extensive session for revival of BSNL‘s awareness session with unions/Associations was held on 30th November. The CMD, Director (HR), Director (Enterprise), Director(F) and Director(CFA) and the PGMs, Sr. GMs, and GMs were present on the occasion. The session was specifically for the issues relating to growth of the BSNL. Initially Sr. GM(SR) welcomed and said that the buildup of staff relation in the PSU is excellent. Time has come when we should have faith on each other, mutual cooperation and team sprit for revival of BSNL. Director(HR) and (Enterprise) stated that it has been felt there has been communication gap and it should go to upgrade ourselves. Shri K. Jayaprakash, GS FNTO attended.

    02.12.2013: Shri K.C.G.K. Pillai, Director (Finance) retired : Shri K.C.G.K. Pillai, Director (Finance) retired on 30.09.2013 on superannuation. Shri K.C.G.K. Pillai had been sympathetic towards the problems of the BSNL Workers & Pensioners He took a very positive stand on the issue of 78.2% IDA merger, which helped us to have incorporating the clause for agreement’s applicability to BSNL Pensioners while signing the agreement on 12.06.2012. He is a sincere and honest officer. BDPA conveys it’s hearty Greetings to Shri K.C.G.K. Pillai and wishes him a long, healthy, prosperous and happy retired life.

    24.11.2013: BSNL NEWS IN BRIEF:   BSNL CO vide No: BSNL/20-10/sr/2013 Dated 14.11.2013 convene All Unions Meeting with Management on 30.11.2013 at 10.00 hours as due to dissemination of details of strategic needs to be done among all the associations/unins in order not only to seek cooperation and support, but to generate a deep; sense of involvement of all employees.

    Revision of Recruitment Rules of TTA-2001: BSNL CO vide letter No: 250-7/2013-Pers.III dated 18.11.2013 circulates proposal to revise old RR of TTS issued on 27.07.2001 and calls for comments from BSNLEU/NFTE.

    New Scheme of Bonus/PLI based on performance of Management System: BSNL CO vide No: 1-5/2012-Restg dated 20.11.2013 includes names of Secretary & Leader Staff Side where Smt. Madhu Arora GM (Restg) is Member-Convener.

    Selection for the Post of CMD – Mahanagar Nigam-TD(MTNL): BSNL CO vide No:414-06/2013-Pers.I Dated 18.11.2013 informs Shri ParveenVarshney Sr.CH(Engg) and Shri A.K. Jain, PGM (BB) BSNL CO informs them that the meeting is rescheduled on  28.11.2013.

    Holding of 29th Meeting of National Council: BSNL CO vides No: BSNL/39-3/SR/2013 dated 22.11.2013 notifies the meeting at 11.00 AM on 23.12.2013.

    Extension of CGHS facilities to absorbed BSNL Employees: BSNL CO vide No: BSNL/Admn.i/14-15/09(pt) dated 6.11.2013 addressed to NFTE writes saying before pursuing the case with the CGHS authorities Staff Unions and Associations views are called for. A case is under deliberation to request CGHS authorities to extend its facilities to absorbed retired and serving employees of BSNL as it will save expenditure for reimbursement and there is no limit in CGHS in providing medicines required for sufferers from chronic diseases.

    Revision of pay of Board level and below Board level executives w.e.f. 01.01.2007 – BSNL CO vide No: 1-29/2010-PAT(BSNL) dated 11.11.2013 issues clarification on reduction of emoluments of directly recruited JTOs of 2007 and 2008 Batch & directly recruited JAOs in respect of whom result was declared in April-10.JTO (Telecom) Induction Training Structure & Syllabus-regarding; BSNL CO vide No. 4-1/2013-Trg Dated: 13/11/2013 writes “ 

    2. In this regard, it is to convey that Departmental qualified candidates who possess qualification viz. B.Tech, B.E, AMIE or equivalent qualification in any disciplines viz. (i) Telecommunication, (ii) Electronics, (iii) Radio, (iv) Computer, (v) Electrical, (vi) Information Technology, (viii) Instrumentation plus M.Sc(Electronics) shall be allowed to undergo directly Phase-I training, at par with DR JTOs, so far as JTO induction training is concerned.

    3. Further it is also informed that the officials who have already undergone existing Pre-Basic-I & II -2006 (revised) JTO(T) training syllabus, such officials may also be allowed to undergo directly Phase-I training, so far as induction training is concerned.

    4. In all other cases not covered under Para 2&3 above, Pre-Basic-I and Pre-Basic-II training as prescribed prior to Phase-I training, shall be imparted as per existing JTO(Telecom) Induction Training Structure and syllabus.”

    Encashment of earned leave to the employees appointed In BSNL after technical resignation from Government:  BSNL Co vide No: 1-39/2012-PAT (BSNL)/Pt dated 22.11.2013 says Approval has been conveyed from the competent authority that all lsuch cases may be decided in terms of DOP&T clarification communicted by DOT vide letter No: 7-26(1)/2013-PAT dated 21.01.2013 and encloses copy of said letter.

    12.11.2013: Shri K. Jayaprakash, GS attended AIC of AIBSNLEA at Nasik on 11.11.2013.


    01.11.2013:   JTO LICE passed Engineering graduates and MSC ( Electronics) graduates will directly undergo Phase I training:Click


    Meeting with DDG (ESt)
    Shri Thomas John K, President FNTO, met DDG (Est) BSNL Corporate office and discussed the following long pending issues.

    1. Stagnation of pay of RM, Group D on merger of 78.2% IDA and NEPP Promotions. Union urged urgent actions as in pay as well as Promotional benefits are denied to these law paid employees as span of pay scales are not properly drawn. DDG said they are ceased with problems and do needful shortly at least to get promotions.
    2. Denial of 1st Promotion of TTA in NEPP.:Union urged that the pay revision of TTA was under rule 23 and hence it cannot be treated as up-gradation. On up-gradation the officials are entitled for FR22,1(a)i benefit which was not given to TTAs.  DDG agreed to reconsider the case on the basis of this information.
    3. Absorption of JTO Officiating:Union explain the back ground of the case and urgent need for settling this  issue by  either creating 2000 supernumerary posts of JTO , OR by amending the recruitment rules of JTOs giving provision for  diversion of posts. The DDG agreed to look into this issue.\
    4. IDA Merger to Retired Officials.: The Secretary DOT cleared the file on 23/10/2013 and now the file will be remitted to Department of Pension (Est) for further perusal.


    13.10.2013: Wish you all A HAPPY DUSSDERA.

    12.10.2013: DPE issues orders on I.D.A. w.e.f. 01.10.2013. Click.

    05.10.2013: GS FNTO writes to BSNL CO on Court Case & to remove discrimination in LDCE Exam. Click.

    03.10.2013: Read Letter on Bonus & GS FNTO Circular dated 30.09.2013 Click

    30.09.2013. IDA INCREASE W.E.F. 01.10.2013, 6.6%, MAKING TOTAL 85.5%.

    29.09/201: Discripancies/Error in LDCE Examination. Click

    28.09.2013 : On 27,09.2013, GS & C.S. FNTO met the Director Finance, BSNL CO. and requesed for payment of GPF Advance in 1st Week of October, 201, i.e. before DASSERA. He agreed and issued orders to all concerned. K. Jayaprkash GS.

    18.09.2013: BSNL sign MOU with State Bank of India. Click.

    16.09.2013: WISH YOU ALL HAPPY ONAM.

    The GS FNTO writes letters on following subjects on 06.09.2013.

    • Mode of fixation of pay in IDA Pay Scale in respect of absorbed officials of BSNL who were promoted prior to 01.10.2000 but opted under FR22 1 (a) (i) for fixation of their pay in promoted scale on the date of their next increment in the lower grade which falls after 01.10.2000.  (See Letter 1).
    • Revision of pay scale of TTAs and consequent issue of clarification under NEPP Scheme to treat it as promotion – Request for consideration – Reg. (See Letter 2).
    • JAO Exam – Request for grace marks who could not qualify.(See Letter 3).
    • Stagnation in the cadre of Regular Mazdoor, Group “D” after implementation of 78.2% Merger Orders – Reg. (See Letter 4).

    Letter One

    Letter Two

    Letter Three

    Letter Four

    07.09.2013 ; The Kerala High Court has issued order on 4th Sept. 2013.

    Read Order:

    " BSNLEU moved the Hon High Court vide IA 10908/2013 praying that in the circumstances stated in the affidavit filed therewith the High Court be pleased to vacate the interim order dated 30.5.2013.

    The observation of the Hon Court "I do not find anything wrong with the interim order, but in view of the doubt expressed by the learned counsel for the 3 rd respondent (BSNLEU),I clarify that the direction to the second respondent (BSNL,CMD) is not to accept nomination of anyone of the Unions which has not secured 7% votes in the referendum"

    BSNL in their counter affidavit filed in this Hon Court reads as follows in page 6;

    " It is also made clear that there is no proposal from the part of this respondent to induct any person who is a member of the union which did not secure the minimum of 7% votes .In fact on the issue of formation of Cartel by the Unions at the time of referendum it was clarified by this respondent that BSNL does not recognise any form of alliance by the Unions but gives recognition only to the majority unions and that the formation of any alliance /consortium will not confer any right to its member for grant of recognized representative status and facilities which are meant only for the majority union in what so ever manner. The representation in the Councils from the staff side is given by the management only to recognized representative union and not to other un recognized unions."

    Any deviation from this affidavit will definitely attract Contempt of Court proceedings. All the Circle/District Secretaries are requested to monitor the nomination process and immediately inform to the CHQ, if slighest deviation is noticed in nominations of other unions members. GS in CHQ now.

    01.09.2013: BSNL HQ issues clarification on immunity of transfer. Click

    20.08.2013: Wife of Bro. K. Ramamurthy, former Secretary General of FNPTO expired at her Ashok Nagar house, in Chennai on 17.08.2013. FNTO convey heartfelt condolences to her bereaved family members

    18.08.2013: BSNL HQ issues new guidelines for Dharna in office premises. Click

    17.08.2013 : GS Circular and letter for Grace Marks to JAO. CLICK.


    09.08.2013: ID MUBARAK

    09.08.2013: The Central Working Committee Meeting of NUBSNLW (FNTO) was held at C.T.O. New Delhi Sabha Gruh at 15.00 hours on 03.08.2013 & 04.08.2013. Shri Thomas John K, All India President presided over the meeting. The next AIC will be held in Tamilnadu/Chennai. The details of proceeding are already posted to all CWC Members and Districts through a special circular. View Photographs of CWC

    National Convention of the BSNL Employees held in Delhi on revival of BSNL.

    A Historic convention of BSNL Employees and Officers’ was held on 3rd August, 2013 at Mavlankar Hall, New Delhi to protest against introduction of 100% FDI in Telecom Sectors. S/Shri Thomas John K, represented INTUC and K. Jayaprakash FNTO and spoke on the subject. Other General Secretaries of Forum Unions also spoke. Formation of GOM was also criticized by majority of speakers. It was called upon to maintain cordial relations with the customers and provide fault free and efficient Telecom Service. About 1000 Members/delegates from various Union participated. All the invitees and CWC Members of FNTO also participated in the meeting.

    On 5th August, 2013, S/Shri Thomas John K, All India President, K. Jayaprakash, General Secretary, D.D. Mistry AGS, D. Chandrasekharan AGS, R.P. Sinha CS Bihar and Chhatrapal Jharkhand met Shri S.C. Misra, Member Services DoT and discussed the important issues such as VRS, Merger of MTNL & BSNL, Pension Revision. The discussion was fruitful.

    0n 6th August, 2013, S/Shri Thomas John K, All India President, K. Jayaprakash, General Secretary, D.D. Mistry AGS, D. Chandrasekharan AGS, V.N. Rathod, CHQ Vice President met Shri Neeraj Varma, G.M. (SR) and discussed the irritating staff transfer issues. The Cases of Gujarat and Andhra Circle were also figured in the discussion.

    0n 6th August, 2013, S/Shri Thomas John K, All India President, K. Jayaprakash, General Secretary, D.D. Mistry AGS, D. Chandrasekharan AGS, V.N. Rathod, CHQ Vice President met Shri K.C.G.K. Pillar, Director Finance, BSNL Board and discussed issue of 78.2% IDA Merger. He said that the letters are received from DoT and will be replied soon. On the issue of restoration of Quarterly Medical Allowance without voucher, he said that it will not be possible in near future in view of financial condition of the company.

    30.07.2013: To-day, Mr. Thomas John K, All India President is celebrating his Birthday. We wish him many happy returns of the day.

    28.07.2013: GS in in CHQ since last two weeks. CWC is being held as scheduled. All concerned are requested to attend the same. The participant may inform the CHQ regarding their presence.

    12.07.2013: BSNL HQ asks information for reviewing SC/ST Result for JAO Competetive Exam. Click

    10.07.2013: GS FNTO issues notice for convening CWC at New Delhi on 3rd & 4th August. 2013. Click.

    29.06.2013: I.D.A. : 4.0% IDA increase on Revised (2007) pay/pension becomes due w.e.f. 1st July, 2013, i.e. 74.9 + 4.0 = 78.9%.

    28.06.2013: Read Circular dated 17.06.2013 issued by GS FNTO.Click.

    27.06.2013: Yesterday a forum meeting was held under the convenership of Bro. VAN Namboodiri at 1330 hrs in which FNTO GS K .Jayaprakash also participated and decided to donate the one day pay from our salary to Uttarakhand people through Prime Minister Relief fund.  All the workers are requested to donate the same.

    27.06.2013: BSNL HQ issues communication based upon the Court Stay order for formation of N JCM and Councils.Click.

    27.06.2013: Shri Raghunandan Sharma, Sr TOA o/o GMTD Morena, founder member FNTO passed away due to heart attack last night. CHQ Conveys heartfelt condolancdes to bereaved family.

    15.06.2014: FNTO Web crossed 22,000,00 viewership since 9.11.2007. We thank the viewers for their trust in our web.

    14.06.2013: BSNL HQ issues clarification that 78.@% IDA Merger will not be applicable for any Allowance like Medical/HRA and skill updation etc. Click.

    12.06.2013 : TELEGRAPH SERVICES - DEATH KNELL W.E.F. 15.07.2013.Click for BSNL Order.

    11.06.2013: BSNL HQ issed orders for 78.2% IDA Merger issue. Click. The Strike is called off by Forum as orders are issued by DoT & BSNL. Click for Withdrawal Letter.

    10.06.2013 : 78.2% IDA Merger. DoT issued orders to-day. BSNL may issue to-morrow. Click for DoT Orders.

    08.06.2013: 78.2% IDA Merger – Orders are expected to be issued on Monday.

    08.06.2013: Senior FNPTO Leader Shri G.K. Padmanabhan, expired on 7.06.2013 at New Delhi.  FNTP expresses heartfelt condolences to bereaved family.

    04.06.2013: Office Accommodation for Council Office withdrawn.Click.


    Hon. Kerala High Court, Kerala, at Ernakulam on 30.05.2013 admitted a Writ Petition No: 13605/2013(A) filed by the National Union of BSNL Workers (FNTO) New Delhi, praying “to issue an interim  direction to the BSNL (2nd respondent) not to induct or grant membership to members belonging to any one of the Unions which has not secured the prescribed 7% votes in the referendum and to to stay all further proceedings for so inducating ineligible persons in the Council at all levels formed by the BSNL, pending disposal of the above Writ Petition.

    The Court passed following Order:
    Assistant Solicit general of India takes notice for R1. Standing Counsel  Sri. Maathew K. Philip takes notice for R2. Urgent Notice by speed post to R3 & R4.

    There will be an interim direction to the second respondent not to induct or grant membership to anyone of the Unions which has not secured the preseibed 7% votes in the referendum."

    29.05.2013: BSNL HQ vide letter No: BSNL/39-11/SR/2007 Dated 25th May, 2013 issued revised instructions on Re-Constitution of Works Committees on introduction of BSNL Recognition of Non-Executive’s Unions and Representation in the Councils 2012.Click.


    26.05.2013: Corporate Office endorses Ministry of Health & Family Welfare order on reimbursement for Liver Transplantation surgery.BSNL ORDER.


    25.05.2013: 10th Meeting of BSNL Sports & Cultural Board- Calling for Agenda.Click.

    FORUM OF BSNL UNIONS / ASSOCIATIONS issues strike notice on 17.05.2013. Click.

    25.05.2013: BSNL HQ issues instruction on: Prevention of sexual harassment of women employees at their workplaces” vide order dated 07.05.2013.


    Shri C.R. Sasthri, DS, TR, passed away to-day. Body will be in Trichy to-day and taken to Perambalur for final rites at 10.00 hours on 22nd. FNTO Conveys heartfelt codolances to bereaved family and remember his services randered for upliftment of FNTO in his District.


    FORUM OF BSNL UNIONS / ASSOCIATIONS appeals to workers. Click.


    Memorandum submitted by FORUM OF BSNL UNIONS / ASSOCIATIONS to Hon. Shri P. Chidambaram, Finance Minister on 09.05.2013 on Measures to be taken for revival and revitalization of BSNL and MTNL, the strategic Telecom PSUs, to protect the interest of the Telecom Industry as well as that of the public. Click.



    The meeting of the Forum, which took place today the 09-05-2013, has taken the historic decision to go on indefinite strike, demanding the immediate settlement of 78.2% IDA merger. The issue of 78.2% IDA merger was sent to the approval of DoT. However, the DoT, instead of giving its approval, has referred the matter to the BRPSE  (Board For Reconstruction of Public Sector Undertakings).This is nothing but putting 78.2% IDA merger in the cold storage. 

    After discussing the issue threadbare, the Forum has decided to give call for the following agitational programme. Today's meeting was attended by com.V.A.N.Namboodiri (Convener) com.K.Jayaprakash, GS, FNTO, com.P.Abhimanyu, GS, BSNLEU, com.C.Singh, GS, NFTE, com.K.Sebastin, GS, SNEA, com.Prahalad Rai, GS, AIBSNLEA, com.Suresh Kumar, GS BSNL MS, and com.S.P.Sharma, President, WRU. 

    1) Demonstrations on 22-05-2013.
    2) Dharna on 05-06-2013.
    3) Indefinite Strike from 12-06-2013. 

    CHQ calls upon the circle, district and branch level organizations to immediately swing into action to make the agitational programme hundred per cent success. The joint appeal of all the general secretaries will be issued tomorrow.


    09.05.2013; Bhilai Telecom District Factory IS FORMED ON 209.04.2013, where 23 members joined, S/Shri  Lakhan Singh Verma, Jameel Ahmed and R.P. Viswas were elected as District President, District Secretary & Cashier respectively. Shri Rattan Pillai Circle Secretary approved the list. FNTO well come all the members.

    08.05.2013: Circle Secretaries & District Secretaries are requested to note that now you can request the Department to remit the Union Subscription CHQ Quota directly in our Bank Account.  The Bank details are given below.

    Bank Account detail for RTGS/NEFT
    Name and address of Beneficiary-              NUBSNLW (FNTO) New Delhi

                                                                     T-16 Atul Grove Road, New Delhi-110001.
    Bank Account Number-                           0307101049540

    Name of Bank and Branch name-            CANARA  BANK
                                                                    Janpath New Delhi-110001.

    IFS Code of Bank-                                   CNRB0000307

    08.05.2013: Mr. S. Krishnamurthy, Patron FNTO, TN Circle Retirement function held.Click.

    04.05.2013 ; G.S. FNTO Circular - English & Hindi. Click.


    28.04.2013: Obituary:  Shri Palani,     S.S.(O), very active worker of FNTO expired on 27.03.2013. We convey our heartfelt condolence to colleague of TLV SSA, Tamilnadu Circle and his family.

    26.04.2013: BSNL HQ Vide letter dated 25th April, 2013 grant recognition to non-executive unions in BSNL and Minimum Trade Union Facilities.Click.>

    22.04.2013: K. Jayaprakash GS to-day met Director HRD and sought for allotment of 1 Seat in the Council at all levels citing Apex Court judgment and new recognition rules. The CMD is on leave and the PGM SR is on tour. Any decision on seat allotment will be taken in consultation with CMD & PGM-SR on their return next week. Positive out vomr is indicated. GS is now in C.H.Q.

    1.04.2013: OBITUARY: We regret to inform that Sri. C.Kuppusamy (Ex. MP) President, LPF (Also President TEPU) passed away on 19/4/13 at Chennai. K.Vallinayagam Ex.GS and S. Lingamurthy Jt. GS paid homage on behalf of FNTO.

    19.04.2013:K. JAYAPRAKASH GS FNTO thanks one and all who contributed for FNTO at all levels and assure to work for betterment of workers service conditions.
    Election Result Letter.Click.

    Election Result Sheet.Clilck.

    17.04.2013 : on 16/4/2013, the 6th membership verification held peacefully and majority members are cast their votes no untoward incidents were reported as per the circle secreteries reports. Our union NUBSNLW(FNTO) will get more then 15% votes FNTO CHQ CONGRATULATE ALL THE LEADERS _Jayaprakash GS


    15.04.2013: Election Ballot Paper - Clilck.

    15.04.2013: Since I am to under go my right eye cataract eye operation; there will be no updating of web for few days. Please bear with me. D.D. Mistry, Web In charge

    15.04.2013 : Shri M.F. Farooqui, IAS, has taken over charge as the new Secretary, DoT, on 1st April, 2013 as Shri R.Chandrashekar, retired on 31st March, 2013. Shri M.F.Farooqui, is a Tamil Nadu cadre IAS officer of the 1978 batch, who had also served as the secretary of the Dept. of Heavy Industries. He will be in charge of Head of Telecom Department for the next 15 months. Now we will have to move with him for the implementation 78.2% IDA merger for BSNL working employees as well as for pre 2007 BSNL pensioners.

    15.04.2013: 78.2% IDA Merger – latest : The file is now with Member Finance DOT. After his clearance it has to go to DOT Secretary and then go to Board For Reconstruction of Public Sector Enterprises (BRPSE). It may take another 4 to 6 weeks time for DOT to release the final orders in this.

    14.04.2013: FNTO will make History this time.

    SNATTA leader for FNTO.

    A largely attended BSNL workers meeting organised by Shri Sailesh G. Dande, coordinator of SNATTA Maharashtra at Nasik for FNTO. He said that FNTO will make history this time and assured to bring maximum TTAs to FNTO fold. Shri L.B More and Javalkar Circle president/ Secretary also addressed the meeting.

    FNTO ranks swell

    63 workers of Bhilai (Chatisgargh) Telecom Factory led by Shri Jamil Ahmed resigned protesting the anti workers attitude of BSNLEU and joined FNTO.

    Shri Brahmanand Pandey District Secretary BMS and entire body of Gonda Janpad dist. (UP East) joined FNTO, in the presence of Shri Nimesh Chandra Gupta, Circle Co-ordinator FNTO UP.

    139 workers of Jamnagar dist (Gujarat) headed by Shri Ghyan Chand Singh left BSNLEU and joined FNTO.FNTO will be the largest union of Jamnagar division.

    70 workers of Amerli SSA of Gujarat Circle joined FNTO in the presence of Shri Thomas John K All India President.

    Large number of workers of CGMT Gujarat/ Ahmadabad Telecom District led by Shri B.P Vanker Union leader and General Secretary Dalit Sena joined FNTO.

    Lucknow a mass meeting held in connection with 6th membership verification:

    In this meeting UP (East) Circle co-ordinator Shri Neemesh Gupta , Circle President Shri Ram Kushal Yadav, Circle Secretary Shri Santhkumar, CHQ Vice President Smt. Madhu Trivedi and BSNLNTSU General Secretary Shri Om Prakash Mishra , Circle President Shri Kushiramji, Circle Secretary Shri Tawsyaji, were present and addressed meeting. The meeting was arranged by Shri Rajkumar Yadav Laknow FNTO Dist coordinator, Shri ASHOK MISHRA, A. K. Jaiswal addressed nearly 600 members were meeting.

    14.03.2013: Thomas John K, All India President release in Hindi on achievement of FNTO and future plans of FNTO.Click.

    12.03.2013: Election Meeting: Kolkata : K. Jayaprakash GS & Alok Nandi DGS addressed electioneering campaign meeting at Kolkata on 12.02.2013 at Telecom Stores & CGM Office. A mass meeting was conducted at telephone Bhavan Kolkata where more than 1000 members participated. M,Q. KMAR, SG INTUC WB and Ramanpande, Working President WB INTUC also addressed gathering assuring full support of INTUC for betterment of BSNL Workers service conditions.

    11.03.2013: D.D. Mistry, AGS addressed a mass meeting at Jamnagar at 18.00 hours where more than 300 workers were resent. S/Shri A.V. Falia, C.P. Sanjay Parmar, CS & J.B. Kumpavat Executive President BDPA (INDIA) also addressed the gathering. Click.


    Shri Thomas John ,All India President inaugurated the meeting of activists at PGMT Office Cochin at 1 P.M. He explained in detail how the workers lost their legitimate rights when union monopoly continued for the last 8 years under BSNLEU, He reminded the period of 2 year monopoly of NFTE union. Thomas John promised that if FNTO is voted back to the negotiating councils we can guarantee to get back the lost rights of the BSNL workers. Shri Gopkumar AGS also addressed the workers. Shri K. V. Jose Circle Secretary, Shri Lal Jose District Secretary,Shri K A Babu, Asst District Secretary and V, C, Somasundaran were all present .

    ELECTION MEETINGS AT CHENNAI ON 11 TH APRIL 2013 : A meeting of the activists of NUBSNLW(FNTO) was held at DGM office Chennai at 1 P.M.Shri K.K.Gopakumar ,AGS inaugurated the meeting Shri Radhakrishnan presided in the meeting. Shri Lingamoorthy,Jt,General secretary,Shri G Kothandan,Shri Krishnamoorthy,Shri Monikantan ,Shri Chandrasekharan,,Shri A rishnamoorthy,Smty Radhika ,Shri S Krishnamoorthy addressed the meeting .Shri Gopkumar pointed out that Nampoothiri owes an apology to the workers for not securing their rights in time and also for loosing their already achieved rights. Mr Lingamoorthy told that he wanted to felicitate Mr Gopkumar who could achieve more than one union set up in BSNL through legal and political methods. (Photos 2nd and 3rd follow )

    MEETING AT FLOWER BAZAR EXCHANGE AT 4 p.m. : A well attended meeting of the activists of FNTO was held at Flower BAzar Exchange Compound.First FNTO Flag was hoisted by Shri K.K.Gopkumar AGS among fireworks sound and slogan shouting..Shri Subramanyalu presided in the meeting.Shri Lingamoorthy,Shri Babu,Smt Radhika,Shri S Krishnamoorthy, Shri Thirusnakethu,and others spoke elaborately .The meeting remained till 8.30 P.M. All the participants lent a patient hearing and vowed to canvass at least one vote per person.They understood the need for a recognized status for FNTO as was the case during P&T and DOT days when three Federations were there. Click for Chennai & Kannanur Photos

    Shri Gopkumar who inaugurated the meeting told there was no difference between both Communist unions ,Nampoothiri Union (BSNLEU) is instant poison and NFTE is slow poison. He wanted the workers to teach both Communist unions this time for their misdeeds to the workers.All the speakers were all praise for the role played by Kerala Circle under the leadership of Shri Gopkumar in changing the very old Code of Discipline framed in 1956 and bringing BSNL s own rules recognizing more than one union.Union which secures 35% vote will get First position that which secures 15% vote second union and that which secures 7% one seat in all negotiating councils at all levels.This will save BSNL Employees from one union monopoly.Last 13 years were lost by the Employees.Company dipped in to huge loss.Mr Lingamoorthy explained how Gopkumar fought the Court Case at Kerala High Court for the CHQ and won .He reminded that BSNLEU could not get any relief when it approached the Andhra High Court.NFTE also could not get any relief from Madras High Court.The political pressure mounted from Kerala also helped in a big way in changing the old rule.The peculiarity of the meeting was that all present there remained till the end of the meeting braving scorching heat of 40 degrees. (Phots 1 and 5 follow)>

    Nampoothiri hiding under the cover of DMK Party : (photo attached) .: The so called CPM union BSNLEU which gives link only to CITU in their web site and is open followers of CPM are under the shelter of DMK. Shri Stalin son of Mr Karunanidhi the new power center of DMK and ,Shri Karunanidhi photos prominent..Nampoothiri in order to secure votes and safeguard his recognized status compromised with any thing .It is a shame for all the Communists in the Country.


    13.04.2013: Read Thomas John K Article in Hindi on Why TTA should vote for FNTO. Click.

    13.04.2013 Mr. K. Gopakumar, send detailed coverage to election news in Kerala & Tamilnadu Circle. Click.11.04.2013: Kerala & Tamilnadu Election Meeting Photos.Click.

    11.04.2013: Thomas John K, President - Eyeopener Article for TTAs - Least you miss to read.Click.

    11.04.2013; INTUC CWC DEMANDS INCREASE IN RETIREMENT AGE TO 65 YEARS.Clilck for detailed report.

    11.04.2013: D.D. Mistry AGS & J.B. Kumpavat Executive President BDPA (INDIA) will address a meeting at Jamnagar to-day evening.

    10.04.2013: Rajastian BSNL workers pledge to give Platform for FNTO so that workers get justice. FNTO President Shri Thomas John, addressed meeting of BSNL employees on 8th April at Udaipur. Large number of employees assembled in the meeting assured support to FNTO.

    In Court Churai Exchange Compound meeting large number of technical employees like TTAs, TMs gathered and promise to work for FNTO.

    >11.04.2013: M.R. Vashist & B.D. Sharma addressed mass meeing at Karnal (Haryana) on 09.04.2013, where C.S. ASHOK HONDA& C.P. KUNDANLAL also addressed the meeting.

    10.04.2013: DPE issued orders for IDA increase of 3.4% w.e.f. 01.04.2013 on 8th April, 2013.

    10.03.2013; K. Jayaprakash, GS addressed election meeting at GMTD Office, Bhubneswar (Orissa) on 09.03.2013. S/Shri R.K. Gahan, CP, S.N. Ponda DS, S.K. Sahoo DS, N.C. Dalia and J.R. Das also addressed meeting where more than 300 members present.

    08.04.2013: K. Jayaprakash GS addressed meeting at Telephone exchange, Bhopal and GM Office compound, Bhopal, At both places numerous members attended and assured their cooperation to FNTO this time. Sharma CS & Saket Shukla also addressed meetings.

    06.04.2013: K. Jayaprakash GS & M.R. Vashist Patrol attended well organkised meeting at GMTD Office Dhanbad (Jharkhnd) where more than 200 members were present. C.D. Prasad CS & Manohar C.P. Mukesh Kumar D.P. Tiwari and Shailendra Prasad also addressed the gathering.

    08.4.2013>Read Circular by G.S. on electioneering campaign and with latest details on organizational campaigning in all Circles.Click.


    Thomas John K, All India President conducted hectic tours in Gujarat Circle from Mehsana, Palanpur, Jetpur, Junagadh, Gandhidham, Ahmedabad, Vadodara and other places across the tour map and addressed workers where thundering response was noticed as the workers are suffocated and have realized the importance of FNTO being in power.

    08.04.2013; Read and let other read and know - Why should you vote for FNTO. Click to read informative article by Mr. Thomas John K. President.

    04.04.2013: To-day, K. Jayaprakash GS & M.R. Vashist Patron addressed gate meeting at C.G.M. Office, Ranchi ( Jharkhand) in lunch hours and mass meeting at Telephne Exchange at 3.00 P.M. where more than 300 workers were present. S/Shri C.D. Prasad CS, Manohar President, Mahender Pratap JCS, also addressed the meeting and assured that they will get more votes for FNTO in ensuing membership verification.

    04.04.2013: NUBSNLW (FNTO) is not enterd in any allaance with any union.

    NUBSNLW(FNTO) is contesting independently with DEEPAK SYBMBOL.

    NUBSNLW(FNTO) is getting very good response from all over India We are expecting more than 15% votes in HARYANA EX CS B.R.SHARMA resigned for his selfish cause because he came from other union only in the last verification no single member has gone with him now SRI ASHOK HANDA Sr TOA Is Nominated As Circle Coordinater For Haryana Circle. .

    In Andhra KADAPA SSA THE NFTE has misguided our members to join in JAC after clarification from circle they dissolved The JAC and working indipendently for FNTO winning A Copy of their letter is enclosed. .

    Circle Secretaries/Circle Coordinaters are requested to work hard and try to convince the each and every member .

    As FNTO is also entering all JCMs as per the new recognition rules and we are already having more then 10% votes as per our CHQ quota receipt. .

    Dont beleive any roumers spreded by communist unions. .

    Everybody expecting FNTO to get recognition and save the BSNL workers rights and also to save BSNL. .

    This time we are getting new members in every circle. .

    GS is on tour from 2nd to 6th at BHIHAr and JHAKAND circles. .

    04.04.2013: K. Jayaprakash GS & M.R. Vashist Patron attended election campaign meeting at PATNA P & T Club Hall where more than 1000 members attended assuring the FNTO to win with thumping majority. Shri R.P. Sinha, AGS, Tiwari VP, R.B. Thakur, Umesh Mishra Presidentand Chadra Prakash also participated in the meeting requesting the members to make FNTO NO. 1 in Bihar Circle. .

    03.04.2013: Election meeting of Punjab circle was held on 03.04.2013 at Hoshiarpur where more than 200 workers participated in the meeting. B.D. Sharma also spoke. .

    04.04.2013; Mr. Thomas John K, commenced his Gujarat Circle starting from addressing Ahmedabad Telecom District Active workers, followed with meeting at Mehsana & Palanpur with rousing response.

    31.03.2013: K. Jayaprakash GS Tour Programme - 3/4/13 to PATNA , 4/4 Ranchi. 5/4 Dhanbad 6/4 Delhi 8/4 Bhopal, 9/4 Bhubaneswar 10/4 Hyderabad 12/4 Kolkata 13/4 Lucknow 14/4 Baroda

    31.03.2013: Web-In charge thanks all the viewers on the eve of crossing 21,00,000 viewership mark to-day and assure timely updating of the web.

    30.03.2013: To-day, K. Jayaprakash, GS addressed a mass meeting at Telephone Bhavan, Hyderabad where more than 400 workers were present and heard him with enthusiasm and gave signal that this time FNTO will move ahead for victory with all the forces at its command in order to serve the BSNL Workers who have become victim of anti-worker policy for other Unions. CS. ACS and other dignitaries such as R.K. Prasad, Mohandas, Nasing Rao also addressed the gathering.

    30.03.2013: K. Jayaprakash GS addressed election meetings at Mahabubnagar, Gadwal, Kothakot, Wanaparthy, Nagarkurnool (A,P. Circle). Naseer Ahmad, Special Invitee, Venkatreddy, ADS, Sudhakar DS & m.r. Suryanana President also participated.

    District Secretaries Convention Kerala. Click.

    District Secretaries Convention Kerala. Click.

    District Secretaries Convention Kerala. Click.

    29.03.2013: I.D.A. due w.f.f. 01.04.2013 - increase of 3.4%, making total 74.9%.

    28.03.2013: K. Jayaprakash GS addressed mass meeting at Guntur Telephone Exchange, where more than 300 members were present.Naseer Ahmed Special Invitee, Ch. Venkateshwarlu CS and R.K.Prasad, Jt. CS also spoke.

    7.03.2013: K. Jayaprakash GS is touring South India from t0-day to 1st April, 2013.

    An election meeting was held at Adyapaka Bhavan (Sishak Sadan) Ernakulam on 23 rd March 2013 at 2 P.M. Shri Hybey Eden MLA of Ernakulam inaugurated the Convention attended largely by lady members .Shri Gopakumar ,AGS,Shri K.V.Jose ,Circle Secretary and Shri M.G.Mohanan Nair ,Circle President ,K.A.Babu,Jt Secretary,EKM SSA,V.C.Somasundaran,Ekm SSA ,Shri George,District President,Abdul Rahman,circle Treasurer,K.P.Chellappan,District Secretary BDPA. addressed the gathering.

    Palghat 25/3/2013 11 A.M.

    Click for Photo

    Election meeting was held at GM office Compound .The meeting was scheduled on 26 th inst of March 2013.BSNLEU using its position as recognized union arranged a meeting of their union with VAN Nampoothir as speaker at the same venue.Hence FNTO was forced to pre pone the meeting to 25 th March 2013.A good gathering with ladies attended the meeting braving the hot sun and remained till the meeting is over at 1.15 Noon,Shri Gopkumar AGS,,Shri K.V.Jose,Circle Secretary,Shri M.G.Mohanan Nair ,Circle president ,Shri Vijayakrishnan,Circle Organising secretary and Shri Jawahar Raj ,District Secretary,Vijayakumar (BDPA) addressed the gathering.Shri Gopkumar said the claim of BSNLEU is hollow since they are having 1,41000 odd members in check off they are sure to win 50% vote.This shows the false pride of BSNLEUand their contempt of BSNL Employees voting strength. .He pointed out the simple example of Ernakulam SSA in Kerala where NUBSNLW(FNTO) has a check off figure of 856 members where as in the last election it got 999 votes .How? He also requested the BSNLEU members hearing him to verify from Mr Nampoothiri the next day why he surrendered the future of Non executive employees of BSNL and also ask Nampoothiri and his comrades how they are getting statutory pension ? .If FNTO was not there Nampoothiirs pension would have been affected when BSNL is in loss.(BSNLEU did not participate in the strike of FNTO& NFTE for Government pension,GPF,Leave & Job 2000.)

    Trichur GM Office 25/3/2013 3.30 P.M.

    In the compound of the GM office Trichur a well attended meeting with large number of ladies was inaugurated by Shri K.K.Gopakumar,AGS...Shri K.V.Jose,Circle Secretary,Shri M.G.Mohanan Nair,Circle President ,Shri Kochu Devassy ,Circle Org Secretary,Shri Jayakumar District Secretary Shri SASI ,District Secretary BDPA addressed the gathering.

    Shri Gopkumar wanted BSNLEU members to ask Mr Nampoothiri who is coming the next day to clarify why differential treatment in promotion for Executive& Non Executive. He also said BSNLEU is now BSNL EXECUTIVE UNION.

    24.03.2013: To-day, K. Jayaprakash GS, B.C. Pathak FS & Madhu Trivedi VP addressed a mass meeting at Saharanpur (UP West) and Chhatrapal CS also spoke.

    23.03.2013; To-day, K. Jayaprakash, GS, B.C. Pathak, F.S. and Smt. Madhu Trivedi VP addressed mass meeting at Dehradun (Utrakhand) where more thn 300 members were present assuring their vote in favor of FNTO. Heera sing INTUC State President and Sita Ram CS also spoke on the occasion.

    23.03.2013: A.V. Falia, C.P. V.N. Rathod VP, D.D. Mistry AGS, Netaji (Jam Khambhalia) toured Mehsana, Palanpur & Himatnagar and revitalized all the branches and spontaneous response was received from all the cadre to vote for FNTO in the membership verification. In Godhra none has left FNTO and propaganda by other organization is based on false concept for propaganda purpose. On the contrary many members from other unions has joined the FNTO and made it stronger than ever before. FNTO activists are making tours and propaganda countering false rumors spread by others.

    21.03.2013; To-day, K. Jayaprakash GS & B.D. Sharma AGS addressed election meeting at Debrugarh (Assam) at CGM Office. Mr. D.K. Lekaru DP & Mr. Bhattacarya, CS also spoke and assured maximum out-put for FNTO.

    Sample Ballot Paper 2013 Click.

    20.03.2013: To-day, K. Jayaprakash GS & B.D. Sharma addressed a mass meeting at Guwahati (Assam). More than 400 members were present in the meeting. On 21st, they will address meeting at Dibrugarh (Assam).

    ujarat Circle moves for Electioneering. Click for Gujarati Material.

    licl for Posters.

    20.03.2013: K. Jayaprakash GS & B.D. Sharma AGS addressed a large meeting at Shillong (Meghalaya) on 19.03.2013.Bhattacharji CS Assam & Deka President, Kharbuli CS Meghalaya & Doery President also spoke in the meeting.

    Thomas John K, All India President is on electioneering tour to Maharashtra Circle and addressed meeting at Pune.

    Chennai Telephone Election Meeting Click on

    17.03.2013: K. Jayaprakash GS & B.D. Sharma AGS are now on tour to Assam & Meghalay from 17th to 21st March.2013.

    15.03.2013: The General Secretary and AGS B.D Sharma visited Simla and addressed membership verification canvassing meeting which was a grand success, assuring more than 300 votes.

    14.03.2013: Tour Programme of Thomas John K , All India President.
    9th to 11th march 2013. Bangalore/ Karnataka.
    14th March 2013 Pathanamthitta, Kerala.
    16th March 2013 Trivandrum, Kerala.
    18th to 20th March 1`3 Pune/Nasik, Maharashtra.
    21st March to 23rd Chennai, Tamil Nadu/ meeting, INTUC CWC.
    25/26/27 March Kerala circle.
    2nd April to 7th April Gujarat Circle.
    8th April to 10th April Rajasthan Circle.
    11th April 2013 Delhi Circle.
    12th April 2013 Cochin, lunch Hour Meeting.
    13th April 2013 Thiruvalla Lunch Hour meeting. .

    2.03.2013: Down Poster For Election Campaign. Click.

    09.03.201 On 8th March, a mass meeting was held at Annaroad Exchange,Chennai,in connection with 6th Membership verification. Nearly 40 members from FNTOBEA including Circle President Shri Kodanraman,and also from BSNLEU and NFTEBSNL and TEPU joined in our Union in presence of GS.More than 300 members attended this meeting in which Shri K. Vallinayagam,Ex-GS and INTUC President and Postal Leaders participated in this meeting. The meeting is successfully conducted by Shri S. Lingamurthy, CS Chennai Telephones.

    In Karnataka Circle, FNTOBEA Circle Secretary Shri Meghavannan with his large followers joihed in FNTO at Sanjaynagar Bangalore Branch Meeting held on 7th March, 2013. We welcome them.

    It is also a matter of joy that we are getting news that large number of members from other Unions are joining in our Union in North India. K. Jayaprakash,

    2.03.2013: Extension of Trade Union facilities during the electioneering period – orders by BSNL HQ dated 11.02.2013.Click.

    28.02.2013: NEW OTA RATES - BSNL HQ CLICK.


    27.02.2013 ; G.S. Tour Programme : 7th to 10th March, 2013 – Chennai – Tamilnadu Circle. 3rd April to 6th April, 2013 Bihar & Jharkhand. All the Circle Secretaries are requested To send their proposed dates for their circle for election canvassing well in advance.

    26.02.2013: List of Unions contesting 6th Membership Verification. Click. 17.02.2013: Varanasi District Conference was held on 16.02.2013 and Shri K. Jayprakash, GS attended. 137 Members from BSNLEU joined FNTO in his presence and Circle Vice President is also joining with 150 members. FNTO welcome all new members.

    13.02.2013: The Asstt. Labour Commissioner New Delhi convened a meeting of Union Representatives and Management on 13.02.2013 at 15.00 hours to discuss on Strike Notice demands. S/Shri K. Jayprakash, GS & M.R. Vashist Patron attended meeting.CLICK.

    11.02.2013: BSNL HQ issues order for facilities during election period.Click.

    11.02.2013: BSNL HQ issues Time Schedule for Election.Click.

    10.02.2013: 6th Membership Verification 2013 – Supply of Electoral Rolls.Click.

    09.02.2013: List of Eligible Unions for 6th Membership Verification. Click.

    08.02.2013: As per the decision taken in the Designation Committee meeting held on 31.01.2013, the new designation for the cadre of Regular Mazdoor will be Telecom Assistant and for the cadre of Telecom Mechanic will be Telecom Technician. For other cadres of Sr.TOA, TTA, as well as other cadres, further talks will take place for finalizing new designations.

    05.03.2013: FNTO issues strike notice for 20th & 21st Februry, 2013. All concern to take note and act at all levels. Click.

    02.02.2013: NUBSNLW-FNTO CWC held at Kozhencherry, Kerala on 27th, 28th Jan 2013 passed the following resolutions.

    1. FNTO will fight its own name in the 6th verification. The symbol will be DEEPAK.sss

    2. FNTO will make efforts with other likeminded unions to form and Anti communist Democratic alliance in ensuing 6th verification, on the basis of a common minimum programme.

    4. FNTO will participate in the General Strike of 20th and 21st FEB 2013 called by the central trade unions led by INTUC.

    5. FNTO resolved to demand that the Engineering Graduates among the TTAs shall be permitted to sit in the JTO competitive Examination on completion of 3 years service, as the JTO vacancies are more than the eligible candidates. Such relaxation can be given by executive orders of the BSNL Board.

    6. In TMs to TTA Competitive examinations the total qualified candidates are less than 15% of the total vacancies, due to the negative marking system introduced in the just completed exam. FNTO demand that considering the high standard of question papers which was not suitable to the target group the TMs, the results shall be re-calculated removing the negative marks and additionally giving 5% grace marks to candidates.

    7. FNTO urged that with any delay the pay anomalies raised out of the 1st &2nd wage revision shall be settle in tune of Kerala High court Judgment.

    8. The qualified TTAs officiating JTOs shall be given regularly promotions by upgrading the basic TTA posts to JTOs.

    9. FNTO Demanded 8.33% statutory Bonus to BSNL workers and a new formula on basis of Productivity Linked shall be devised delinking profit liked Bonus signed by the BSNLEU.

    31.01.2013 A Seminar on “Empowering BSNL – Ways and Means” was held on 28th January, 2013. The CGM Kerala and other dignitaries’ such as GM, Local MLA, CPPC President and others from various field also attended and participated.

    FNTO GS filled application for 6th verification today.

    18.01.2013; On 17.01.2013 BSNL HQ endorses order on IDA WEF 0101.2013.Click.

    17.01.2013; 75 Members from BSNLEU joins FNTO in Jamnagar and forms submitted in office. FNTO Welcome all the members.


    11.01.2013: The notice for FNTO CWC to be held in Kerala Circle on 27th & 28th 2013 has been posted to all concern on 16th December, 2012. It is reported that it has not received by few and as such it is notified here. Click.

    12.01.2013: All India Conference of NUPE Class III (FNPO) was held on 10.01.2013 at Guntur, GS FNTO attended the conference and extended greetings to the conference. Smt. D. R. Kruparani Killi, Minister for State for Communication and Shri Sanjeev Reddy, President INTUC also addressed the conference.

    10.01.2013 : D.P.E. Vide No; F.NO.2(70)/2008-DPE(WC)-GL-IV/2013 Dated 08.01.2013 issues order for I.D.A w.e.f. 01.01.2013, making total 71.5%.Click.

    08.01.2013: D.D. Mistry, Web Incharge thanks all the readers who are regularly visiting. We have crossed mark of 20,00,000 viewers.Our site was launched on 09.11.2007.

    06.01.2013: Shri O.P. Gupta, veteran trade Union Leader of P & T Trade Union movement expired to-night. His contribution towards betterment of workers service conditions will be remembered by and all for the years to come. FNTO convey heartfelt condolences to bereaved family. GS FNTO.

    06.01.2013: Shri R.J. Jaiswal, D.S. FNTO ATD Ahmedabad expired on 04.01.2013 morning at his residence due to severe heart attack. In his demise, FNTO has lost one of the most active D.S. in Gujarat. CHQ conveys heartfelt condolences to bereaved family. GS BDPA joins FNTO and conveys condolences.AAA Shri M.K. Raval, SDE Rajkot Telecom District, lost his grand-mother on 03.01.2013. CHQ conveys heartfelt condolences.

    06.01.2013: Recognition of majority representative union(s) of non-executive employees in BSNL - Holding of 6th Membership Verification process - calling up of applications.Click

    06.01.2013: No transfer of Non-Executive staff during the 6th Membership Verification process in BSNL<Click

    06.01.2013:Appointment of Chief Returning Officer - Conduct of 6th Membership Verification for electing majority representative union(s) of non-executive employees in BSNL. Click

    06.01.2013: Conduct of 6th Membership Verification to elect majority representative union(s) of non-executive employees in BSNL - Preparation of revised Electoral Rolls regarding. Click.

    01.01.2012; Today G.S. met with Director HR (HR) and PGM (SR) and discussed about Recognition of more than one union GS requested to recognize our union FNTO also, in this regard a letter is addressed to CMD BSNL.

    01.01.2013: FNTO WISHESS A HAPPY AND PROSPOROUUS NEW YEAR 2013. GS is now in Head Quarter.

    I.D.A. due w.e.f. 01.01.2013 4.2%, i.s. total 71.5%



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