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Date. 30.01.2008




All CWC Members

Indefinite Strike :

All BSNL Unions (Joint Forum) have decided to launch country wide indefinite strike by Non-executive and executives from 6a.m. on 26th February 2008, protesting against the IPO proposal in BSNL. Copy of strike notice signed by all General Scretaries and press note issued by joint forum are enclosed. FNTO branches may organize the strike effectively in co-ordination with other unions.

Meeting with CMD BSNL on 23-01-2008:

In the meeting held between Management and Joint Forum of BSNL Unions on 23rd Jan 2008, CMD elaborated the steps taken by the management with regard to expansion in mobile and broadband sector and also to get our due in USO, ADC etc., from Govt. There may be an exclusive meeting on IPO issue shortly.

Promotional Committee Meetings :

After the staff side walkout on 10-1-08 followed by protest demonstrations on 11th, the next meeting was held 0n 24-1-2008. The Management is reluctant to reduce the span for promotion  from 8 to 3 or 4 years. Hard bargain is on. The next meeting is fixed on        5-2-2008.

Wage Revision Meeting :

First meeting on 2nd wage negotiation held on 11-1-08 under the chairmanship of Director (HRD) BSNL management has agreed to consider our demand for interim relief and IDA Merger in consultation with DOT.

National Council Meeting :
Full fledged National Council Meeting is scheduled to be held on 11th February 2008.

FNTO Wage proposals :

Our draft wage proposals for 2nd wage revision are enclosed for offering suggestions.
The proposal will be placed in the National Steering Committee of UF on 6-2-08. To enable preparation of a common agenda to be forwarded to the management.

Works Committee :

FNTO district/circle unions may keep off from the works committee for now as BSNL EU is reluctant to give even nominal representation in many circles. The position will be reviewed in the CWC meeting.

CWC Meeting -Corrigendum:

As the INTUC general council meeting is to be held on 7-9 February at Jamshedpur the revised date for our CWC is 7th and 8th March 2008. Notices has already been issued. The name of the venue (meeting hall) may be read as Rajaji Bhavan instead of Rajaji Hall.

General Secretary



All India President :

Thomas John K.

General Secretary :

K. Vallinayagam

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