FNTO is an organisation established to safeguard the interest of the workforce and to enhance their service propsects and social livelyhood.
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The following office-bearers were unanimolusly elected at 3rd All India Conference held at Patna (Bihar) during the period from 08.11.2009 to 10.11.2009.


Patron                          Shri M R Vashist

President                     Shri.Thomas John  K (Kerala)

Working President      Shri. NK Thakur (Bihar)

Vice Presidents          Shri. TK Roy (WB)
                                   Shri. VN Rathod (Gujarat)
                                   Shri. Smt Madhu Trivedi (Delhi)

General Secretary:     Shri.K.Jayprakash(AP)

Joint Secretary           Shri.S. Lingamurthy (Chennai)

Dy Genl Secy            Shri.Alok Nandi (Kolkata)

Publication Secy       Shri Rabin Rajak (W.B.)

Asst Genl Secy:       Shri Dinesh D. Mistry (Gujarat)
                                 Shri KK Gopakumar (Kerala)
                                 Shri B.D. Sharma (NTR)
                                  Vacant (Karnataka)
                                 Shri R.P. Sinha (Bihar)
`                               Shri.Silendra Prasad (Jarkhand)
                                 Shri Vacant (TN)
                                 Shri.D Chandrasekaran (TN)

Finacial Secretary     Shri.BC Pathak (Delhi)

Organizing Secretary   Shri. M.K. Jayanth (Karnataka)
                                   Shri. Venkateswaralu (AP)
                                   Shri.Syed Abad Hussain (UP)
                                   Shri.Sasikumar PR Nair (Kerala)
                                   Shri.Saket Sukla (MP)
                                   Shri. G.C. Bose (WB)
                                   Shri. Ratanlal Pillai (TF Jabalpur)



All India President :

Thomas John K.

General Secretary :

K. Vallinayagam

Dear Colleague:

While commencing our web with effect from 09.11.2007, I have pleasure to state that the aim of making the web easily available to all our viewers will be achieved and we will have more viewers We will endeavour to make it lively with latest updates.

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This Web Site is maintained by Mr.Jayprakash, GS FNTO New Delhi. Shri D.D. Mistry AGS FNTO is assisting in updation.He is also General Secretary of BSNL & DoT Pensioners Association, Gujarat Circle, Ahmedabad. Cell 09879090682

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K. Vallinayagam GSD.D.Mistry AGS


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