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15.02.2009:Trained and qualified PM waiting for posting : Instructions issued to CGMs for absorption and inter circle transfer application disposal
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SR    CELL, Corporate Office
8th Floor, Bharat Sanchar Bhawan,
Harish Chandra Mathur Lane,
Janpath, New Delhi-110 001

No. BSNL/7-8/SR/2008                                                                   Dated:19/12/08

Record of discussions held between Secretary (T) and representatives of United Forum of BSNL/ MTNL Associations

Sub:    Notice for the day long dharna on 8th December, rally on 22nd December at 1300 hrs. And indefinite strike from 23rd December, 2008.

Ref:     United Forum of BSNL/MTNL Executives Association’s letter No. UF/Jt          Struggle/2/11-08 dated 26th November, 2008.

Dear Sir,

            In connection with above noted subject, a meeting of the United Forum of BSNL/MTNL Associations with Secretary (T) was organised on 19th of December, 2008.  A list of the participants who attended the meeting is given in the enclosed Annexure.  The representatives of BSNL/MTNL Associations explained their demand of their repatriation to DoT. Secretary (T) explained that in view of the finality of options exercised by absorbed employees, this would not be possible. However, their concern regarding completion of absorption process of group 'A' officers is noted and the cut off date of absorption of group 'A' officers in BSNL and MTNL will also remain unchanged. Further, their concern regarding pension related issues of absorbed officers is being suitably addressed.

            Secretary (T) informed that a meeting was organised with the Secretary (Expenditure) and Secretary (Pension) to discuss the issue of Group ‘A’ officers absorption and addressing their concerns regarding the payment of pension and its revision on CDA pattern after absorption in BSNL.  It has been decided that case for revision of the pension for officers absorbed in BSNL and MTNL would be referred to the Law Ministry and he is hopeful that the same would be accepted.  However, in case the same is not accepted then the matter may have to be taken up for approval of the Cabinet.

            The Association representatives desired to know the time frame which would be required for completing this exercise.  It was mentioned by the Secretary (T) that it may not be possible to specify any time frame because of multiplicity of agencies involved for the same, but the case is being referred to Law Ministry soon, and the matter would be pursued for early decision.


The Association representatives also expressed their concern about the Circular No. 1-45/2003-B dated 15.6.2006 which calls for liability of BSNL to pay 40% of the pension. In this connection it was mentioned by CMD, BSNL that the matter has already been clarified vide letter No. 11013/1/2005-Admn.II/Absorption Cell dated 29th Sept’2008. However, Secretary (T) informed that they are issuing another letter very shortly to address their concerns in this regard. In this connection Secretary (T) further informed that once these two pension related issues are resolved, process of absorption of group 'A' would be immediately settled.

            MTNL Executive Association raised the issue of payment of pension to the MTNL from the Government on similar lines as in BSNL. It was informed by Secretary (T) that he would take up this issue for approval of the Cabinet.

            In view of these positive developments, you are requested to call off your strike immediately and request all the officers to work with full dedication so as to achieve the targets fixed for the current year.

            With regards,

Yours sincerely,

(Shakeel Ahmad)

Copy to:

  1. PPS to CMD/ Director(HRD)
  2. All participants
  3. DDG(SR), DoT

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